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Twitter automatically unfollowing pro-Palestinian groups

Twitter automatically unfollowing pro-Palestinian groups published on

Interesting bug or, as the kids would put it, “interesting feature”…
So, it turns out that if you try to follow a group called Palestine Action US on Twitter, the system automatically makes you unfollow them. Far as i know these guys aren’t terrorists, so this does seem like unjustified and covert censorship. Look at the sidebars in the following screenshots. First was taken right after i followed both this Lara person and the aforementioned account. Second is from just a few seconds later after i refreshed the page. Lara is still followed, but Palestine Action US is not! Man, Twitter aren’t even trying to hide their bias anymore!

Russell Brand is DEFINITELY a Fascist!

Russell Brand is DEFINITELY a Fascist! published on

I mean, that’s what the Plutocratic Media keeps telling us, by going on about how he has a channel where he interviews conservatives, serial killers, and people who don’t put their weights back on the racks! Only a right wing fanatic would do shit like that. Sure, he also has on people like Cornel West and keeps going on about Noam Fucking Chomsky, but trust me, motherfucker is a far-right White Supremacist! Why else would the commies at the World Socialist Website be defending him!?!? Yep, this proves it — Russell Brand is a Klansman!