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Why I Cancelled Netflix

Why I Cancelled Netflix published on

Like pretty much everyone online i was disgusted by Netflix’s pedo propaganda movie “Cuties.” But unlike many, i gave them a chance to set things right. I waited a whole month to see if they had the decency to remove the filthy thing or at least heavily censor it. They didn’t, not even after a Texas grand jury indicted them over the film.

This makes it pretty clear that someone at the top of the company does have a pedo agenda. After all, what else does Netflix have to gain from doubling down like this? They’ve lost tens of millions of dollars from cancelled subscriptions, they’ve lost credibility and good will, and they haven’t even gained anything politically as the movie was attacked by virtually everyone across the political spectrum. So what’s in it for them? What is the great positive that outweighs all these negatives? I can think of only one — they get to normalize the sexualization of children, and in time that will lead to the re-acceptance of paedophilia. That’s the only payoff i can think of. And it’s important to remember that this IS the RE-acceptance of paedophilia. A lot of people think such a thing could never happen but it already has in the past. Throughout much of history people didn’t really give a shit about children being molested, and that’s what Netflix and other forces are trying to take us back to. Give them time. If things like this continue to go unpunished, in twenty years pedos will be getting a slap on the wrist – and that’s if it’s still illegal. So, that’s Netflix over for me. If they come to their minds and replace the pedos heading their company and pull the movie i might re-join, but i doubt it. The stain remains. And so does the bad smell.

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