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PZ Myers Accuses Michael Shermer of Rape

PZ Myers Accuses Michael Shermer of Rape published on


So P.Z Myers, darling of the feminist factions within the skeptic community, is now accusing bigwig skeptic Michael Shermer of serial rape over on the ironically named Free Thought Blogs, a place which in my experience is not exactly brimming over with either thought or freedom, much less free thought. It is, however, a blog, I’ve got to give them that.

And on what does Myers base this incredibly serious, and possibly defamatory, accusation? Well, pretty much the same thing that religious zealots base their ludicrous views on — someone said it and claims it is true ! Some demented hobo wandering around ancient Judea writes in a book “The Lord sayeth…” and a couple of millennia later millions of religious fools take him at his word. Some unidentified woman tells Feminist High Priest Myers that Mr. X raped her, a second, also unidentified, person claims they were told the same story by the supposed victim and Myers and the other non-thinkers at his blog take their words for it…

Are these people really this stupid? This irrational? This lame-brained? Are their heads really filled with tapioca pudding? Do they really have a hard time trying to figure out the difference between truth and lies, between chocolate and what comes out of most people’s asses, as well as outof P.Z Myers’ mouth?   I doubt it. The probability is that what they really are is a bunch of fifth columnists infiltrating the skeptic and atheist communities in order to turn it to their own evil feminist purposes.

Imagine if you will, a circumstance in which some woman tells your humble host that she was raped by — you guessed it — P.Z Fucking (should that be “raping”?) Myers. How long would it take for this cabal of pseudo intellectuals to switch to a more rigorous standard of evidence? Hell, they would probably do that if their beloved P.Z was accused of stealing someone else’s sandwich from the office fridge !

No, let’s not kid ourselves that these people are morons who don’t know what they are doing, that would be to give them much more  moral credit than they deserve. Let’s instead hope that Myers’ rabid support of feminism has finally led to a fatal, self-inflicted wound. Let’s hope that the accused man sues the furry little bastard for everything he’s got. Hell, Shermer can set up a Kickstarter  for his legal bills — I for one would be glad to contribute.