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Feminist Hyena Julia Gillard Finally Gets It In The Neck

Feminist Hyena Julia Gillard Finally Gets It In The Neck published on 2 Comments on Feminist Hyena Julia Gillard Finally Gets It In The Neck

So the men in the Labor party have finally grown some guts and thrown out Julia Gillard in favor of Kevin Rudd, the only person who stands a chance of turning an electoral apocalypse into a mere disaster. This happy event is not only good news for the lower classes of Australia in that it may spare them several years of right wing evil, it also marks the end of the Prime Ministership of a woman who will go down in history as a national disgrace.

A weakling obviously not meant for the barbaric Battle Royale that is Australian politics, Gillard’s first shameful act was to get into parliament on a women’s only seat. No slugging it out with several blokes for Gillard — oh no, being a strong and independent woman ( in the feminist meaning of those terms ) Gillard made sure all men in the Labor party were banned from competing for the seat of Lalor simply by virtue of belonging to the wrong sex. This left Gillard with only one opponent vying for the safe Labor seat, and she was such a nobody that she has not been heard from again. Not happy with stealing a seat in parliament, Gillard then proceeded to knife in the back Kevin Rudd, a man who had led Labor back in from the wilderness after a decade of conservative rule and who, while having his own flaws, is without doubt a more decent human being than the Crimson Hyena who took his job.

And who can forget the world-famous speech on misogyny? While many took this to be some sort of victory for Gillard and women everywhere, those of us with something other than porridge for brains saw it for the pack of lies that it was. Gillard, of course, knew she was lying, which is why she made the scurrilous accusations in Parliament where she was protected from a defamation lawsuit by parliamentary privilege. Nothing she gave as so-called evidence was pertinent to misogyny, and even though some of Abbott’s statements could be seen as sexist, they were certainly not in the same league as making sure members of the opposite sex can’t run for a certain seat! Not only was the famous speech a bucket of donkey spit, it was also a massive act of hatred against all men as by broadening the definition of misogyny Gillard made sure that any man who criticizes any woman ( or, indeed, any man who stands there while some other bloke holds up a sign insulting one woman) is in danger of being branded a hatemonger who would like to see half the world stuffed into a potato sack and dumped at sea.

And let’s not forget the hypocrisy of Gillard spewing a load of garbage about “misogyny” on the same day that she threw over 80 thousand single parents ( most of them women, of course ) from the single parent payment onto the paltry dole. This showed that, as is typical of powerful feminists, Gillard’s feminism is primarily about one woman, and even someone with the intellect of a wallaby with a bad case of alcohol poisoning can figure out who that woman is. As if this bit of hypocrisy wasn’t horrific enough, a week later Gillard was smiling and prancing around Afghanistan –  a truly misogynist society that jails women for being raped! Not for false accusations mind you, but in cases where the man is actually found guilty! (The reasoning is apparently that even though it was against her will the victim has nevertheless committed adultery and must therefore be punished!) Why no misogyny speeches from this Leviathan of Bullshit while in a land where the definition of a woman is roughly the same as that of a slave or a pile of dog droppings? Because deep down women don’t matter to Gillard, though she will pretend other wise when it gets her some brownie points with the she-jackals who run Jezebel.

Then there is the way she pretended that comments about her ass were the result of misogyny rather than what they actually were – namely people hassling the prime minister through whatever means they thought would draw blood. John Howard spent ten years being called short. If a couple of years of lardass jokes add up to misogyny, then what does a decade of mocking a man for his height add up to? And keep in mind, though Howard may not have been weak enough to whine about it on YouTube, men are at least as sensitive about being short as women are about having big asses – quite a few guys have a thing for big-arsed women, I have yet to meet a woman who has a thing for short-arsed men. But by labeling criticisms of female politicians misogyny, you make it harder to criticize female dirtbags than male dirtbags, giving women even more of that thing so beloved of Gillard and The Sisterhood – unfair advantage.

But perhaps the greatest of all Gillard’s sins was her refusal to step down even  after it became clear that not doing so would to lead to a political Armageddon that would destroy her party and deliver the Australian people into the hands of a government to whom Margaret Thatcher is little less than a saint. Too selfish and too weak to do the right thing, Gillard held on to office and to lies about the misogyny of her opponents till the bitter end. Not to do so would have been an admission that the affirmative action policies of Labor have failed, and while she may be willing to see her tenure go down in history as an utter debacle, she does not have the strength, the courage, nor the moral fiber to admit that she was simply not of a high enough character to take the country’s reins. No, she was willing to  allow the ship to sink into the icy depths, carrying with it millions of workers and welfare recipients, just as long as she didn’t have to admit to subscribing to a faulty ideology –  and for that act of class treachery, above all things, she deserves to rot.

So here’s to you, Julia Gillard, you worthless waste of molecules, you embarrassment to one of the finest countries in the world — get stuffed, and for fuck’s sake, don’t come back.




Awww, what’s the matter, honey? Does it hurt to see a dirtbag bite the dust? As for choking on dicks, if i were into making homophobic comments like yours, i would tell you who has the biggest chance of choking on a dick, and it aint me…