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“Misogynist” Abuse on the Internet

“Misogynist” Abuse on the Internet published on 1 Comment on “Misogynist” Abuse on the Internet


Once again The Sisterhood is teaming up with the plutocracy, this time to silence dissent. Using women’s fragile little feelings as the excuse, nutters across the femisphere are calling for what amounts to censorship on sites like twitter and Facebook !

These feminists also claim that the trolls who target the wiminz online are politically driven and trying to “silence women.” This is bullshit for at least two reasons. First, trolls are driven to upset anyone and anything they can, and the troll “threatening” to rape a feminist today is quite likely tomorrow to be at a men’s rights site calling everyone rapists and child molesters, the next day at a hip hop site calling everyone niggers, and the day after that at Stormfront suggesting that its members are a bunch of  latent homosexuals whose wives have to resort to having sex with black men ! Trolls rarely have a political agenda, they are mentally ill little turds desperately seeking to inflate themselves by upsetting others, and they will say whatever they think will give you the shits. For the most part, the average troll is about as politically motivated as Bozo the Clown.

As for “silencing women,” what kind of grown woman is silenced by a pack of dysfunctional 15 year olds living hundreds or even thousands of miles away? A weak one, that’s what kind –  if you can’t take the slings and arrows of outrageous trolling, you should probably leave the internet to those with tougher hides. Take up gardening or something, and try not to get too upset when the earth worms start giving you mean looks.

Then there is the issue of whether or not these trolls are making what can in any meaningful way be understood as a threat. If I threaten to beat you up on the street, that’s a serious matter as street assaults happen all the time, though admittedly it is rare for a concrete-filled rubber chicken to be involved. If I threaten to nuke your house, how likely is that? It’s not as if I am in possession of my own personal nuclear arsenal, though i’m not saying that i wouldn’t like to be…

In the same vein, is it a real threat for a troll to threaten some femofascist dirtbag with rape when he/she is in it for the pleasure of freaking people out? Has any troll actually raped a feminist after threatening to do so? I have yet to hear of it. In fact, I would be willing to bet that, rare as it is, most of the times when an online threat goes live in the real world the victim is a male. But you won’t see some white knighting wanker from Twitter apologizing for that!

Let’s get this straight. This attempt at censorship has nothing to do with keeping anyone safe, primarily it isn’t even about protecting that most precious of creatures, the Western female. What this is mostly about is silencing dissent. Today they want to get rid of trolls saying “I iz gonna rape u slut! LOL!” Tomorrow it will be people who commit “hate speech” by calling someone a bitch or a fag. The day after that, the plutocracy will see its plan come to fruition as anarchists and the like are banned from social media, or even prosecuted by the law, for daring to suggest that it’s time to get rid of The State or force a change of government.

And that, folks, is what this is really about. While I have no doubt that many feminist ground troops, the grunts of the movement, are too stupid to see what they are supporting, I also have no doubt that the leadership, the ones employing this tactic, know exactly what they are doing.

And what they are doing is the same thing they have been doing since the beginning of the Second Wave – stoking female privilege while simultaneously increasing their plutocratic masters’ power over the lower classes.




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