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Hand Wringing at Ms Magazine Online

Hand Wringing at Ms Magazine Online published on

What is it with Ms Magazine and weird views on animals? First there was the bizarre rant on My Little Pony, and now some twit seems to think that it is somehow sexist or misogynist to use the simulated torture of a woman as part of a campaign against animal testing of cosmetics.

A cosmetics company called Lush set up a publicity stunt in which some folks in white coats pretended to carry out cosmetic testing on a young woman in a leotard, then used said stunt to attract attention to a petition against such practices. Apparently this would have been fine had the “test subject” been a male, but since she is a woman, the writer asks this rather easily answered question…

“But why must the stand-ins for tortured animals always be young women?”

Well, call me a misogynist if you must, but it may have something to do with  the fact that animals used in such unnecessary testing are being tortured on behalf of one sex in particular. Which sex could that be? Are there many men wearing all this garbage on their faces? Not outside of drag joints there aren’t, so the answer is clear — the fictional victims are female because the real victims are being tortured in the name of female vanity. Animals are suffering so that a bunch of shallow and superficial women can pretend to be hotties when they are in fact notties.

And here’s what really pisses me off  about animal testing — how the fuck does anyone come to the conclusion that women don’t already have more than enough of this crap? Why torture animals to test new cosmetics when we know from decades of women’s use that there are already hundreds of safe cosmetics on the market? Yes, that’s right, it’s our friends the corporate bastards again. Make the public want something new and useless, so that they will throw away the useless garbage they bought last year and replace it with some brand new crap. What it all adds up to is this…

Corporate Greed + Female Vanity = Bugs Bunny being tortured to death!

There’s a petition here, and below is the video. Believe it or not, the gals at Ms “could barely finish watching the video.” Christ, these are probably the kind of women who faint when they watch the movie Gremlins! And that’s just when Gizmo is on the screen — soon as the gnarly title characters make their appearance, these latter day suffragettes burst into tears and run to the nearest police station!