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Manboobz : I Mock Him

Manboobz : I Mock Him published on 1 Comment on Manboobz : I Mock Him

Somewhere out there in the dark underbelly of the internet lurks a large, slug-like creature whose integrity, intellectual honesty and connection to reality make Glenn Beck look like Noam Chomsky. Who is this creature, this stalker that bedevils the men’s rights movement on an almost daily basis with his irrational and unjustified attacks on those of us who dare to speak up on behalf of The Second Sex ?

Why, it’s none other than a rancid sack of shit called David Futrelle, host and perpetrator of Manboobz, a site that trumpets as its catchphrase the highly imaginative “Misogyny. I Mock It”

Given that this grotesquely dishonest blog is run by a humongously fat tub of lard, it really should be called “Manboobz – I has them.” Seriously, how stupid does a fat man have to be to call his blog Man Boobs! But the offensive thing about Dirtbag Dave isn’t that he looks like a giant gastropod with a cheesy beard. No, the offensive thing is his character. Dave is the kind of man whose entire life seems to be about two things – mocking and lying. I suspect he is so keen on the former because it makes him feel better about being an abomination with the body of a slug and the face of a three toed sloth, and that he is enamored of the latter because he is intellectually incapable of nothing else.


Recently, The Boob took exception to my posting a piece at the Men’s Rights subreddit in which some feminist nut whines about the egregiousness of My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic, claiming that the kid’s show is racist, homophobic, yada yada. After getting his well-padded ass kicked at the aforementioned forum, poor Dave went crying to his supporters with a post in which he attacked me and the other blokes. I’ve  screencapped the entire thing in case the dishonest fuck changes his post later on.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering what the heck a “Brony” is, it’s what some male fans of the show like to call themselves. Go figure…

Notice that he doesn’t get around to saying why the post shouldn’t have been made, he simply complains about its existence. Now, my post in no way claimed that the moron who wrote the piece was representative of all or even most feminists, so the mostly sensible comments at Ms are not relevant, nor is Faust’s rebuttal. As I point out in the first comment posted at reddit, my reason for posting was to provide an example of why satire often goes undetected …

“I swear, you can not make this shit up. See, this is why satire often goes over people’s heads here — it’s often less goofy than serious feminist opinion.”

But that doesn’t matter to someone of Futtrelle’s low character. No, what matters is that one of his beloved feminists has been attacked, and he will use this as an excuse to mock Men’s Rights Advocates even though he actually agrees with us on this one! The man’s lack of intellectual honesty is astounding. I can just see Dave back in High School. He was probably one of those kids who would mock you by pointing out in a sarcastic tone how smart or talented you were. You know, the kind of kid who doesn’t need a reason to hate and yet wonders why the girls ignore him and the jocks sneer at him.

As for my attack on him personally, it was prompted by this comment…

“Did you read any of the comments? The Ms. Blog readers thought the post was ridiculous.”

In a typical act of intellectual dishonesty, Dave describes this as a “straightforward” comment. It is of course no such thing, it is a red herring, an irrelevance that has nothing to do with the purpose of my post. This, and his other behavior at other times, is the reason for my expression of disgust. And here is another reason to hold this sack of shit in contempt — he isn’t just a liar, he’s a content thief. Here is one of my cartoons in its entirety, uploaded to Imgur by him or one of his cronies, and linked to from this post.

It’s a “terrible, terrible comic strip”, yet apparently good enough to steal…

But  The Boob is not alone in his idiocy, at least some of his commenters seem to live in some sort of bizarre parallel universe. As you read the following comments, keep in mind that all these examples come from just one of his posts – I can only assume that if there are a few nuggets to be found in one post, the entire site must be a mother lode of commenting idiocy.

First we have “Manjaw the Mighty” blithering about the children’s show at the centre of this teacup, a show which dares to have a supposedly retarded character dubbed “Derpy” by the fans. Here is the offending critter…



Awww, I think she’s adorable! But “Manjabber the Lame,” seems to think poor little Derpy is part of some sort of patriarchal conspiracy against the mentally disabled! She is so hilariously politically correct that she even goes so far as to eschew the word “retarded” in favor of the term “r-word!”

“Manjaw the Mighty | May 8, 2012 at 9:37 pm

Even though I personally will always think of the character as “Derpy,” the word is offensive because it totally does make fun of people with intellectual disabilities. I wouldn’t say it’s as bad as the r-word, but it’s not appropriate for a children’s show. “Ditzy Doo” is honestly just as bad. Derpy’s canon name should be innocuous. Something to do with bubbles, perhaps. If the writers actually made her the “mail mare” as bronies imagine her, and call her Bubble Wrap, I feel like that could be a compromise to make everyone happy.

And in case anyone is inclined to question why a might Amazon warrior is a brony, I’ll have you know that the show does a wonderful job of introducing little girls to the joys of a matriarchal society.”

What to make of the bit about the matriarchy? Hell, I don’t know, I’m not a psychiatrist! Maybe it’s a joke, or maybe it’s yet another example of how difficult it is to tell satire from genuine feminist idiocy.

And wouldn’t you know it, here is someone called “Rutee Katreya “arguing that not only The Pigster but also The Boob are wrong – the entire thing is a racist plot, after all!

“Rutee Katreya | May 9, 2012 at 4:37 am

All of which is besides why I mentioned it: MLP:FIM, which I do legitimately love, had some racist shit, which is why I thought it was inaccurate to say that the article couldn’t be more wrong about everything; its central premise is correct, the show does really racist stuff sometimes.”

Someone calling themselves “Jar” tells us that MRAs are against girls being allowed to be girls in different ways, so much so that we can’t possibly enjoy the show. I suppose the implication is that we think all the wiminz should be barefoot, pregnant and chained to the sink…

“Jar | May 8, 2012 at 4:49 pm

So I guess that MRA bronies don’t realize that Lauren Fasut, the (former) executive producer of the show is a feminist who used the show to create quality entertainment for girls and show that there are many different ways to be a girl?

I don’t understand how an MRA could enjoy MLP.”


Here is someone who fancies herself enough to steal the name of the heroine from The Hunger Games posting a link implying that we want female suffrage done away with. If this isn’t what is being implied, why post it in relation to a discussion on MRAs on an Anti-Men’s Rights site?

“Katniss | May 8, 2012 at 7:19 pm

I found something interesting that would fit right in here on manboobz earlier today. A man who was recently a guest on Fox News talking about how the worst mistake the U.S. made was giving women the vote, how women are all crazy and irrational, and how women “have no love”:”

And here we have a small brained twit with the appropriate moniker “Pollywog” spewing that good old stand-by about all MRAs wanting Stepford Wives…

“Polliwog | May 9, 2012 at 2:18 am

Is there such a thing as a character trait that doesn’t make MRAs froth at the mouth when done by women?

I mean, maybe if “is literally a robot programmed to do nothing but exactly what you want at any given moment” counts as a “character trait,” that might qualify, but at this point I’m unconvinced that MRAs wouldn’t find a way to complain about how that robot bitch won’t run properly unless you buy the expensive batteries, which is MISANDRY.”

Another fine intellect we have here, folks. Apparently a character trait is now something you “do” not something you possess. Oh dear…

Now, wasn’t that fun, boys and girls? Yes, yes it was, and you can bet I’ll do it again in the near future. After all, if reasoned argument and evidence don’t work on these jackanapes, maybe good old fashioned mockery will — and even if it doesn’t it’s a lot more fun.

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The Boob took exception to the screencaps of his post, so i took them down. He implied on his blog that my doing so was the same as his stealing the cartoon. Michael left this response on his blog but of course the cowardly little turd didn’t publish it, so for the record here it is…

This reply is for the organ grinder, not for his monkeys.

Fair enough comment on my screencaps. I was having so much fun slagging you off that it didn’t occur to me that simply having the screencaps is enough evidence of your dishonesty. They have now been removed and replaced with links. As for your low opinion of the cartoon, i could care less – feel free to criticize my work all you want, as long as you link to it.

Also, your copyright is not clearly stated, whereas mine is – hence the “Copyright Michael Claymore” at the bottom of the stolen work — for all i know you publish your swill on some sort of (un) Creative Commons License.