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Australian Man Kills Abusive Wife

Australian Man Kills Abusive Wife published on

The primary reason I’ve taken an interest in this story is that it is the male equivalent of so many cases where the sexes are reversed – someone kills their spouse then claims long term abuse and/or self defense in an attempt to get off the hook. Women like Mary Winkler got away with it, perhaps justifiably as contrary to some urban legends the alleged abuse was much more serious than those famously tacky shoes and was corroborated by her family, so I’m curious to see if what works for the American goose also works for the Australian gander…

Sydney man Frank Haschka, a seriously loaded builder from the well-to-do Eastern suburb of Woollahra, has entered a not guilty plea to his wife’s murder claiming that he acted in self defense. Haschka claims that shortly after Christmas 2007, his long-time abuser got drunk and attacked him with a knife, leading him to strangle her to death.

According to the dead woman’s son, his mother would often get drunk and hurl dishes and knives at her husband. ”It was a very difficult environment to live in,” said Andrew Haschka. Apparently so difficult that Andrew cites his mother’s behavior as the main reason he left home.

Andrew’s wife Victoria told the court that the her mother-in-law was a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde…

”there were two Moniques”. ”There was the public one, which was beautiful and charming and then there was the other one, which could be terrifying… When she was drunk … that was incredibly difficult to be around.” Victoria also claims that when Andrew Haschka suggested to his mother that she had a drinking problem she became enraged and started throwing plates and knives at him, just like dad claims she did to him.

Charming woman, this Monique Haschka seems to have been. The more I read on this case the more I think old Frank should get the Mary Winkler – a couple of months and that’s that. Of course, for such a thing to happen we’ll have to hope his willy doesn’t get in the way…

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