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Thinking of joining Mastodon to avoid Twitter tyranny?

Thinking of joining Mastodon to avoid Twitter tyranny? published on

EDIT — Looks like the instances are all completely independent of one another so this applies, perhaps, only to Mastodondotsocial.

Don’t bother. They appear to be even bigger fascists than Twitter. I joined their biggest group (or instance as they call it) a couple of days ago and have ALREADY been banned! Not even Twitter bans its political opposition that quickly! No warnings, no one day suspensions followed by seven day suspensions followed by a ban. No, at Mastodon they go straight for the ban. Note also that they use the Orwellian term “suspension” to describe a ban. “We don’t ban anyone, we just permanently suspend them.” That kind of crap. And what horrible, horrible thing did i do that merited this ban? This…

What an evil, evil piggy i must be! The excuse would probably be that i used the word “retarded,” but i suspect that if i had said the same thing about Qanon followers there would have been no ban. And this is an “instance” run by the guy in charge of the whole Mastodon thing, so it’s unlikely that the rest of the place is any better. The fish rots from the head down, as the saying goes.

As for the site itself, it is virtually dead. The “instance” in question is the largest i could find and has only 500,000 members so it’s not exactly thriving compared to even the other small social media sites. On that alone you might think they would be less eager to hand out bans, but i guess they are just too rabid to help themselves. Note also that they are keeping some of my data, supposedly to stop me getting around the ban.  They obviously know that anyone can get another email, so i suspect that what they are storing is my IP address. Yes, that seems quite likely for their kind. Too bad i used a VPN.

Daisy Duchess Banned From Twitter

Daisy Duchess Banned From Twitter published on

For calling some guy a cunt for spoiling a nice father’s day thread through rather obvious trolling. How about that? SJWS like Uncle Shoes don’t get cancelled for calling for the mass murder of children, Peter Fonda didn’t get cancelled for saying Barron Trump should be thrown into a cage full of pedophiles, and that Toure guy didn’t get cancelled for saying some old White guy deserved to die for calling some young black guy a nigger, but my nemesis gets axed for calling a guy a cunt during a barroom brawl. Rules for thee…

Note that, as is often the case with Twitter, she didn’t actually do any of what she is accused of. She swore, and she insulted the guy, but none of it had anything to do with his race etc. In fact, the guy she called a cunt was wrecking a nice thread about that old black man who helped his son to cross the finish line after he pulled a hamstring at the Olympics back in the day. LOL! Once Twitter decides it hates you, you can’t even get away with defending black people!

And will Daisy be back? Probably not. It’s kinda hard pretending to be someone else, not that i would know. I have also logged out of my other account and won’t be back unless Twitter gets bought out by some people who aren’t fascist SJW pedos. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of my time to keep fighting an un-winnable fight – Don Quixote i am not. Problem is, piggy likes fighting! That’s why i kept using the alts after my main was axed! But enough is enough, time to focus on sites that give us a level playing field where everyone gets booted if they kick the other guy in the nuts.