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The Islamic Invasion and Useful Left Wing Idiocy

The Islamic Invasion and Useful Left Wing Idiocy published on

Let me make it clear – there is an Islamic invasion going on. There are huge numbers of Muslims flooding into liberal, European states and if the situation continues Europe will, within a century, become a bunch of Islamic states.

This cannot be doubted by anyone who is actually watching what’s going on, and should be especially clear to those in the New World. After all, how did the whites take over the US, Canada, and Australia? Through migration. Sure, there were some bloody clashes, and in some places violence was indeed the primary means of conquest. But in many other cases it was mostly a matter of peaceful Europeans moving in next to peaceful natives. The problem is, the Europeans simply kept moving in. And moving in. And moving in. And before they knew it, the native tribes were a minority in their own land. This is what is now happening to Europe, and apart from a few right wingers, nobody seems to care.

This right wing opposition, combined with the average left wing idiot’s support, leads many to see the Islamic invasion as some sort of liberal/left wing plot. This, alas, serves only to show that the Left isn’t the only side of the political dog that is riddled with fleas. The fact is that there is no actual liberal/left wing goal to be attained by flooding the liberal west with illiberal foreigners! You might as well claim that the British invasion of Australia was the doing of the Aboriginals, or that it was the Native Americans who invited the Pilgrims to come on over! No, there is nothing to be gained by Donald Trump asking hordes of Mexicans to move to New York so that they can all vote against him and his fellow Republicans!

So, who does gain from the Islamic invasion? Well, let’s see. Who is it that is sick and tired of all this lefty crap about fairness, and justice, and treating the poor with dignity? It’s not the few genuine leftists still out there, I can tell you! It’s the far right and the plutocrats – but especially the plutocrats. The plutocrats are the people who stand to gain by playing a long term strategy that will slowly turn the Liberal West into a Conservative West. True, their grandchildren may end up having to pay lip service to Islam, but so what? In places like Amerika the plutocrats pay lip service to Christianity in order to retain power, so pretending to be religious is nothing new to the scum who own the world. Hell, you can bet your ass that in the Arab world there are already plenty of plutocrats condemning homosexuality and alcohol in public and then getting drunk and fucking underage boys in private!

The idea that the invasion is a plutocratic project is supported not only by asking who benefits, but also by asking who has the power to stop it, yet does nothing. And, yes, the plutocrats are the ones who have the power to stop the Islamic invasion, for they are the ones who own most of the media and most of the politicians. Hell, these are the people who convinced most of the world that the slaughter in Iraq would be justified because Saddam had some trucks! If they wanted to, they could have virtually everyone in Europe rejecting the Islamic invasion within a few weeks. And yet they don’t. Why? Because this is how they want things to be.

How, then, does one explain the Left wing support for this plutocratic ploy? Sheer stupidity, that’s how. In the same way that many right wing Amerikans have been convinced that neo-liberalism is good for the poor, so too have many left wingers in Europe, Amerika, and Australia been convinced that the Islamic invasion is good for liberalism! It’s a bit of insanity that logical minds struggle to understand, but that does seem to be how it is. The idea that virtually every leftist is a knowing servant of the plutocracy is ludicrous, so irrationality seems the most likely culprit. Keep in mind, these are people who have swallowed Political Correctness hook, line, and sinker. These are the people who look at Bruce Jenner and see a woman! Much in the same way that Christian fundamentalism has made many conservatives too irrational to know shit from chocolate, so has PC made many liberals too irrational to know a cunt from a cock! But how has such an insane situation come to be? I think that it is as simple as giving the people the wrong leaders and then watching the lemmings all go off the cliff. A few individuals in positions of influence ( either put there by the plutocrats or who simply share the plutocrats’ values ) start spouting a lot of sophistry and rhetoric, and those lower down on the ladder eat it up with their Chinese-made Wal-Mart spoons. In other words, the plutocrats who own things like Fox News have convinced the average right wing idiot that Amerikan Imperialism will restore Amerika to her former glory, while the plutocrats who own CNN and MSNBC have convinced the average left wing idiot that multiculturalism and a flood of conservative foreigners are what will make Amerika great once again. Either way, the bastards are the ones telling the idiots what to do, what to say, what to think, and so they are the ones who get their way.

But then there’s the right wing’s opposition to the invasion. How is that to be explained? The thing to note here is that the right wing leadership seems split on the matter, and that the most vocal opposition comes from ordinary right wingers and a few populists like Donald Trump. And even Trump is being attacked by fellow right wing leaders in the US for opposing the invasion, while in Europe you have “socially conservative” scum like Angela Merkel saying, “Come on in!” to 800 thousand Muslims who could just as easily have hopped across to Iraq! And even the split amongst the conservative leaders is, most likely, due to the near-unanimous opposition to Muslim immigration amongst the rank and file. Were it not for the average right winger on the street, most right wing leaders would shut up and let the plutocrats have their way and welcome their fellow conservatives with open arms. As for the average right winger’s opposition, i am betting that it comes down to little more than xenophobia and a fear of terrorism — after all, it is highly unlikely that the average right winger knows that he is fighting on behalf of liberalism!

This then, is how I see the Islamic invasion of the West, as a plutocratic project being carried out by masses of leftist ground troops who can’t tell their bellybuttons from their assholes, on the behest of a handful of “leftist” leaders who know exactly what they are doing – and exactly how stupid their followers are.

Parisian Blood On Left Wing Hands

Parisian Blood On Left Wing Hands published on

Let me make this clear, I am no right winger. But neither am I some PC libtard. In fact, the left has become so contaminated by the PC brigade that I am seriously thinking of never calling myself a leftist ever again…

There is no denying, not to the honest mind, that the blood of 129 corpses and a couple of hundred survivors lies thickly coagulating on the hands of the Left Wing. It is the Left that continues to insist that the liberal west continue to take in barbarians from the Arab world. It is the Left that then actively encourages those people to keep their original culture rather than to assimilate into the new country. Asking those radically different to move into your house and to not adapt to your rules is a recipe for disaster, for mayhem, for mass murder and societal chaos. It is the Left that is responsible for the Parisian slaughter. It is the Left that is responsible for the mass rapes in Rotherham, England. It is the Left that is responsible for the ethnically motivated gang rapes of Anglo girls in Sydney. It is the Left that is responsible for the siege in Martin Place. It is the Left that is responsible for the anti-Jewish violence in Malmo, Sweden. It is the Left that is responsible for the London and Madrid bombings. Pretty much the only Muslim atrocity that can’t be laid at the feet of the Left is 9/11, given that those scumbags were all outsiders. But most of this evil is being perpetrated by a group of people welcomed into the henhouse by leftists and liberals with all the sense and reasoning ability of, well, the average chicken.

The roots of this invasion by stealth are, without a doubt, plutocratic ones. The plutocrats own the media and the politicians – they could put a stop to all this multi-cultural nonsense if they wanted to, but they like the idea of an illiberal future, not to mention the way Islam distracts us from their own evil. But the agents, the ground troops, of this plutocrat-led destruction of western liberalism are, without doubt, the leftists, the liberals, the progressives. Getting the Left to destroy the Left, it’s a masterstroke of strategy and one that is working brilliantly well. Mostly because only a few of us have the intellect and psychological independence to see what is being done, and even some of our select group are put off from speaking the truth by the inevitable cries of “Racist! Islamophobe! Werewolf! Vampire! Brony!” But not me. If I wanted to be popular I would have become a singer of sappy love songs or a comedian whose work targets teens and emotionally retarded adults, not a rabble-rouser. So let me say it again — the blood of the victims of Islam, their corpses, their amputated limbs, the shreds of their torn flesh, all these are on the politically correct Left’s hands.

A Word On The Religion Of Peace

A Word On The Religion Of Peace published on

There is no such thing. I don’t mean that there is no such thing as “a word,” but that there is no such thing as a “religion of peace,” certainly not amongst the Judeo Christian spectrum. Not Judaism, not Christianity, and certainly not Islam.

Everyone lies like dogs these days, with the right wing fabricating crap about Islam and the “left” making every excuse possible for the evils carried out in its name. The most common excuse put forward by the liberals and the left is that – somehow – you can’t blame the religion of Islam when a bunch of scum bags shoot dozens of French rock fans dead while screaming “Allahu Akbar!” Of course, if some radical Christians stormed a Mosque and slaughtered dozens while screaming “Jesus is Lord,” the leftist apologists would be singing a very different tune. So, given that neither side can be trusted, I decided after the recent slaughter of innocents in Paris to finally get myself a copy of the Quran and check out what the book itself says about killing the infidels. The version I went for is “The Noble Quran” by Hilali and Khan, the most commonly recommended English translation (recommended by the Muslims, not by right wing shock jocks ) and one sponsored by the Saudi government. And sure enough, once again the left has lied to me. The book does, indeed, contain several passages saying that non-believers should be killed. I suppose there are ways to interpret these passages as saying that the non-believers should not be killed, but to what passes for the left these days there are ways of interpreting Bruce Jenner’s bollocks as evidence that he is a woman! The two passages of the Quran that stand out as clearly as the aforementioned gonads are these…

“ They wish that you reject Faith, as they have rejected (Faith), and thus that you all become equal (like one another). So take not Auliya ’ (protectors or friends) from them, till they emigrate in the Way of Allah (to Muhammad ). But if they turn back (from Islam), take (hold of) them and kill them wherever you find them, and take neither Auliya (protectors or friends) nor helpers from them.”

At best, this could be taken as an order to kill Muslims who bail out of the faith, but it can also be – and often is – taken as an order to kill those who reject Islam without having ever been part of it. Either way, it is a clear call to murder in a book that, my leftist friends would have you believe, contains no such thing. The other passage that is of great relevance to Islamic terrorism is this one…

“ Not equal are those of the believers who sit (at home), except those who are disabled (by injury or are blind or lame), and those who strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Allah has preferred in grades those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and their lives above those who sit (at home). Unto each, Allah has promised good (Paradise), but Allah has preferred those who strive hard and fight, above those who sit (at home) by a huge reward.”

In other words, if you fight for Allah, you will get to go to the Deluxe section of heaven, while the other Muslims go to the budget version. You get the Hilton, they get a sleazy motel with sticky carpets. What is most important here, though, is that this clearly does not refer to spiritual struggle as the injured, the blind, and the lame are exempt! Can these people not fight a spiritual fight? Of course they can, hence the only reason for the exemption is that the struggle referred to is a physical one. If the exemption was for the retarded and the insane, then it could be argued that the struggle is spiritual and that such mentally defective people are not fit for it. But no, there is no reason to excuse the non-participation of the physically handicapped unless the fight itself is a physical one.

There are other passages that seem to encourage the killing of non-believers, but they are somewhat more open to interpretation, especially in light of historical events taking place at the time these ideas were being formulated. But the two above? It is very hard to see how, put together, they don’t add up to “Kill the non-believers and you will go to an especially nice wing of heaven.” This then, is the smoking gun that so many leftists don’t want you to see, the irrefutable proof that the Quran does promote violence against non-believers. Other elements are involved in the sort of atrocity carried out by those Muslim savages over the weekend – Amerikan imperialism, European support for said evil, the slaughter of 100s of 1000s of Iraqis, and probably also Arab traditions separate from religious ones – but make no mistake, the book itself does encourage the slaughter of innocents, and that means that Islam itself, not just a few nutty outliers, is to blame. Can we blame all Muslims for the slaughter? No. Can we blame Islam itself? Yes, we can. Not only that, but we should blame Islam. Just as we blame “Man shall not lie with man as he lies with woman” for Christian homophobia. The book says it, and the gullible believe and act on it. Such it is with the Bible, such it is with the Quran.

Blood Moon Apocalypse Shall Destroy The Cosmos!

Blood Moon Apocalypse Shall Destroy The Cosmos! published on

Once again the world will be coming to an end as the widely prophesied Blood Moon prepares to destroy the universe! And it all happens this weekend! It might be happening right now, at this very moment!

Due to some sort of astronomical phenomenon ( namely a combination of lunar eclipse, which usually makes the moon look red, and the moon coming closer than usual to the earth) this Sunday night (US time) the moon will appear to be really big and really red. While sensible people will simply go, “Whoa! Cool!” and take lots of selfies with a big red thing in the background, the astronomically stupid are predicting the end of life on earth. According to them, this is all part of a “tetrad,” a fancy word that stupid people use in a futile attempt to sound smart. All it really means is that it’s the fourth lunar eclipse to come at six lunar month intervals and to land on Jewish holidays – September the 28th is the Feast of the Tabernacle. Funnily enough, it’s not the Jews freaking out but the Christians. According to the not-so-wise men, previous tetrads have been the harbingers of disaster. In 1492, the tetrad led to Jews being kicked out of Spain on the pretext that anyone who did not like ham must be up to no good. In 1948 it led to the Arab-Israeli war. And, worst of all, in 1982 it led to the birth of Nicki Minaj.

Most of the hysterics seem to be coming from Evangelical Christians and Mormons who think this all signals the second coming of the messiah, and hence the end of the world — because the messiah is just that kind of guy. Apparently, the Bible itself predicts this terrible event when Saint Peter says something along the lines of “the sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon shall become like unto blood, a Communist pope shall go to dinner with the Great Satan, and all men shall know that the great and terrible day of the Lord has arrived!” Peter the Rock. Peter the Rock-Headed, more like.

While it is usually the Evangelicals that come out looking as the biggest fools in these situations, this time it looks as if they are being outdone by the Mormons. Panic amongst the latter group has been so widespread that Utah stores are reporting massive increases in the sales of freeze-dried food, torches, blankets, and tin foil hats. In another surprise development, the main driver of the apocalyptic panic this time round is a woman called Julie Rowe, a Mormon who has been going on about the apocalypse for quite a while and who claims all sorts of nutty stuff usually reserved for the comic books. Frankly, I’m surprised she isn’t expecting Galactus to come round and eat everyone! I guess it all goes to show that the distaff side of the Mormon faith has worse things to answer for than Twilight.

Things have gotten so ridiculous that the heads of the Mormon Church have issued a half-assed “stay calm” announcement in which they tell their followers that no apocalypse is imminent but that they should always be prepared for adversity. Way to play both sides of the fence, doofuses. And NASA has jumped in by reassuring people that, no, the earth is not due to be hit by an asteroid this weekend. Stan Lee has also reassured the teeming hordes by pointing out that if Galactus does indeed return this Sunday, the Fantastic Four will be there to stop him, just as they have every other time!

The religious people can hunker down in their well-stocked basements all they want. But not me. No, I prefer to think that when the end comes it will be not at the hands of God’s son Jesus, but rather at the hands of Hank Pym’s son Ultron. That bastard has it in for the entire human race and the way he keeps evolving it’s just a matter of time before the Age of Ultron becomes all too real. And that, my friends, is at least six months away.

God Clears Up Misunderstanding

God Clears Up Misunderstanding published on

Homophobes everywhere are in for a shock today after the Almighty Creator of Everything That Is cleared up a mistake that has long caused much rejoicing amongst many of his followers. Speaking to me earlier today, The Great And Wondrous One announced that, contrary to common belief amongst his adherents, he does not hate fags…

“I know it’s been reported widely that I hate fags, but I never said that. What I told Moses while he was writing Leviticus was that I hated stags! S-T-A-G-S! Not fags, stags!”

Surprised by this revelation I asked The Great And Holy One why he has such animosity towards the male of the deer species…

“Well, Pigster, I only made the stupid things to serve as a sort of primitive clotheslines, but it didn’t occur to me they would be so restless! Back when I was hanging out in Eden with that joker and his spare rib I would wash my robe till it was all sparkling white then drape it over a stag’s antlers so it could dry in the warm breeze that wafted eternally through paradise. Then I would sit under the Tree of Knowledge and doze off. By the time I awoke, the freaking stag had wandered off, taking my robe with him! Imagine – me, the Creator of All That Is standing there in nothing but a pair of baggy tighty whities! It’s undignified! So yeah, that’s what I told Moses when he was writing Leviticus  – I hate stags. But you know, old Moses was always a bit of a dyslexic so things got lost in translation, so to speak. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some penguins to kill.”

Well, I hope this clears up this long-standing and really rather inconvenient mistake. Today, we must all agree, has been a very good day for fags, er…I mean homosexuals everywhere. For penguins, however, it is a different story.



Reaction to this morning’s interview with God has been swift and wide-reaching. After reading the interview Fred Phelps, Founder of Westoboro Baptist, immediately announced that he had wasted his time on earth barking up the wrong tree and that in his despair he would later this week be committing suicide by inhaling next to a Mexican.

More progressive members of the church have announced that they would from now on focus their righteous hatred on the true enemy of human morality – the stag. A representative told us that the church has just bought the domain and that starting Wednesday they will be picketing in front of zoos and national park gates…

“From now on, it shall be our holy mission to eradicate these robe-stealing, cud-chewing abominations from the face of the earth. Our signs will bear slogans such as “God Hates Stags, Why Don’t You?” and “Stags Are Lucifer In Disguise” as well as “God Kills Soldiers Because America Tolerates Stags!”

In response to Westboro’s new mission. Mr. GrassRunner Whitetail, president of the National Alliance Against Defamation of Deers  as well as vice-president of the League of Oppressed Animals had this to say…

“What the fuck? What have we ever done to them?!?! All we do is hang out in the woods eating grass and leaves and stuff! Hey! Hey, these aren’t the bastards who killed Bambi’s mom, are they? Hey, you Westboro freaks — fuck you, you orphan makers!”

Perhaps not wishing to further inflame an already volatile state of affairs, PETA has yet to make a statement on the situation.