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Parisian Blood On Left Wing Hands

Parisian Blood On Left Wing Hands published on

Let me make this clear, I am no right winger. But neither am I some PC libtard. In fact, the left has become so contaminated by the PC brigade that I am seriously thinking of never calling myself a leftist ever again…

There is no denying, not to the honest mind, that the blood of 129 corpses and a couple of hundred survivors lies thickly coagulating on the hands of the Left Wing. It is the Left that continues to insist that the liberal west continue to take in barbarians from the Arab world. It is the Left that then actively encourages those people to keep their original culture rather than to assimilate into the new country. Asking those radically different to move into your house and to not adapt to your rules is a recipe for disaster, for mayhem, for mass murder and societal chaos. It is the Left that is responsible for the Parisian slaughter. It is the Left that is responsible for the mass rapes in Rotherham, England. It is the Left that is responsible for the ethnically motivated gang rapes of Anglo girls in Sydney. It is the Left that is responsible for the siege in Martin Place. It is the Left that is responsible for the anti-Jewish violence in Malmo, Sweden. It is the Left that is responsible for the London and Madrid bombings. Pretty much the only Muslim atrocity that can’t be laid at the feet of the Left is 9/11, given that those scumbags were all outsiders. But most of this evil is being perpetrated by a group of people welcomed into the henhouse by leftists and liberals with all the sense and reasoning ability of, well, the average chicken.

The roots of this invasion by stealth are, without a doubt, plutocratic ones. The plutocrats own the media and the politicians – they could put a stop to all this multi-cultural nonsense if they wanted to, but they like the idea of an illiberal future, not to mention the way Islam distracts us from their own evil. But the agents, the ground troops, of this plutocrat-led destruction of western liberalism are, without doubt, the leftists, the liberals, the progressives. Getting the Left to destroy the Left, it’s a masterstroke of strategy and one that is working brilliantly well. Mostly because only a few of us have the intellect and psychological independence to see what is being done, and even some of our select group are put off from speaking the truth by the inevitable cries of “Racist! Islamophobe! Werewolf! Vampire! Brony!” But not me. If I wanted to be popular I would have become a singer of sappy love songs or a comedian whose work targets teens and emotionally retarded adults, not a rabble-rouser. So let me say it again — the blood of the victims of Islam, their corpses, their amputated limbs, the shreds of their torn flesh, all these are on the politically correct Left’s hands.