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One Hit Wonder Trashed At “The Village Voice”

One Hit Wonder Trashed At “The Village Voice” published on

You may recall Michael’s clash with a manhating scuzzbag by the name of Josh Olson (writer of A History of Violence) over my awarding Otep the Misandrist of The Month award. Anyone who has read Michael’s piece on his ad-hominem strewn comment knows that this is a man who is verbally abusive, intellectually dishonest, and above all self-loathing.

Well, the pasty faced geek has done it again, this time with a diatribe at “The Village Voice” aimed at his lessers, namely those who haven’t yet made it in Hollywood but who will probably be looking down the ladder and pissing on his head ten years from now. Not only does the article give further evidence of the kind of asshole who would defend a song such as Menocide, but it has led to a flurry of comments by his detractors, amongst them myself, at the Voice.

Interesting claims are made as to Olson’s behavior when not in cyberspace, including his treatment of women…

“n. now. here” claims…

“A few years ago Josh was dating a lovely girl who loved him very much. He asked her away on a weekend trip and she was so happy, he got the honeymoon suite, champagne and a very intimate love making session. After the love, she thought he was going to propose.
Oh no. He dumped her in a post coital embrace and made her get her own ride back to the city. Left her to her own devices and she never did anything wrong. No cheating or lying. He was just sick of her.Such a classy guy.Can’t expect too much from this Neanderthal-oafish-sweaty poor excuse for a man.”

If true, this is support for my theory that the most strident male supporters of feminist extremism are often men who are trying to make up for their bad treatment of women by taking it out on the rest of us.

Another admirer has this to offer…

Heli0tr0pe claims…

“Funny piece.

I must, however, relate the fact that Josh Olson used to date an acquaintance of mine about five years ago, and among our group of friends he was infamous as the most pompous, annoying, self-aggrandizing, self-centered asshole who ever lived. Whenever the guy was around, jaws would routinely drop at his utter loudmouthed obnoxiousness.
He has bad breath and horrible B.O. as well.
Oscar-nominated screenwriter? Yes. Complete fucking asshole? Most definitely!”

Oh dear, he must be quite a catch, what with his charm, his flabby body, his geeky glasses and his receding hairline – what a fine figure of a man he is. Look at him, ten years from now he will look like this dude, except with worse breath and less sex…

“Go with Him” claims…

“am I the only one who remembers Olson did a segment for Batman: Gotham Knight? His segment borrowed liberally (or stole) from a famous episode of Batman Animated. More complete theft than homage. Jeez Olson, bring your ego down a bit.”

No comment here as i have seen neither of these works, but i sure as hell wouldn’t put plagiarism beyond this guy.

Let’s take a quick look at the greatness, the cornucopia of benevolence and talent that is Josh Olson. Before getting lucky with A History of Violence – for those who don’t know, all he did was adapt a graphic novel to the screen, so none of it was his original work – Josh was a minor writer on discount bin fare such as “Instinct to Kill” and the director of garbage like “Infested”, which has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of , well nothing, because virtually nobody reviewed it. If these modest achievements have been responsible for fueling his assholiness to such a height, it’s a bloody good thing he isn’t one of the greats like William Goldman or he would probably be going around spitting on small children and kicking old ladies in the teeth – hell, he probably already does.

Johnny Rebel Vs Otep Shamaya

Johnny Rebel Vs Otep Shamaya published on 2 Comments on Johnny Rebel Vs Otep Shamaya

Like many thinking pigs i have taken objection to a hateful little song called Menocide by a psycho man-hating radical feminist by the name of Otep Shamaya.

Recently i became aware of the existence of a rather unlikable individual who works under the name “Johnny Rebel”.  Johnny’s great claim to fame is the charming ode to the black race called “Nigger Hatin’ Me”. In this song, Johnny Rebel makes quite a few objectionable statements about the black folks…

“I like sugar, and I like tea
But I don’t like niggers…no siree!
There’s two known things that’ll make me puke
And that’s a hog eatin’ slop, and a big, black spook!

You know it…cause I show it
Like a barn-yard rooster I crow it!
And the NAACP
Would sure like to get a-hold of nigger-hatin’ me!

Roses are red, and violet’s are blue
And nigger’s are black, you know that’s true
But they don’t mind, cause what the heck!
You gotta be black to get a welfare check!

And I’m broke…no joke
I ain’t got a nickel for a coke!
And I ain’t black, you see
So Uncle Sam won’t help poor nigger-hatin’ me.

Jig-A-Boo, jig-a-boo…where are you?
I’s here in the woodpile…watchin’ you
Jig-A-Boo, jig-a-boo…come out!
No! Cause I’m scared of the white man’s a-way down South

You know it!…cause I show it.
Stick your black head out and I’ll blow it!
And the NAACP
Can’t keep you away from little old nigger-hatin’ me!

Mirror, mirror…on the wall
Who is the blackest of them all?
A man named King, and there ain’t no doubt
That he’s causin’ lots of trouble with his baboon mouth.

Brewin’…he’s a doin’
It’s caused by the trouble he’s a-brewin’
And the NAACP
Can’t win if the white men stick with nigger-hatin’ me!

Hey! Mr. President! What do you say?
When are we whites gonna have our day?
The nigger’s had their’s such a long, long time
I’m white, and it’s time that I had mine!

You know it…cause I show it!
Stick your black head out and I’ll blow it!
And the NAACP
Can’t win if the white man sticks with nigger-hatin’ me!

Yes, it’s racist and offensive, but it doesn’t rise to the heights of hatred that Menocide does. Observe for example the humorous tone, and notice that the most violent thing Rebel sings is “Stick your black head out and I’ll blow it!”  and then contrast this with the serious tone and the calls to mass murder of  Otep’s Menocide …

“infectious human waste
prostate gods

“a testosterone feeding drone
multiplying, multiplying hungry clones”

“Kill your masters!
our time has come!!!
you’re just as weak as me
but not as strong!
just as imperfect!
but twice as flawed!”

“i’ll feel no fear or hate as i …
commit ….

“no compassion
kill your masters!
kill your masters
kill your masters
kill your masters

Now, Johnny Rebel is rightly reviled by decent people on both the left and the right, yet Otep’s career not only continues to prosper but she even got invited to speak at the Democratic  National Convention in 2008!

Do my piggy little eyes deceive me, or is  there a grotesque liberal double standard going on here? Say hateful things about black people and we will ostracize and vilify you, but say hateful things about men and we’ll make you into a millionaire rock star and let you get up and speak in front of Obama!

Why is this do you think? I’ll tell you why – because  culturally and legally men now occupy the same space occupied fifty years ago by black people, most of us just don’t know it yet.

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