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Dumbass woman can’t tell Queen from Gordon Brown

Dumbass woman can’t tell Queen from Gordon Brown published on 1 Comment on Dumbass woman can’t tell Queen from Gordon Brown

She may have left the political arena, but Sarah Palin’s stupidity is still loose in the world, continuing to build a legend that will ultimately make Dan Quayle look like a great choice for VP. Today we learnt that the poster child for Republican affirmative action was under the impression that decisions regarding the UK’s involvement in “Operation Blood for Oil” were being made not by PM Gordon Brown but by the Queen!

The woman who can’t tell east from west and who was under the impression that the US was an ally of North Korea, was also convinced that Saddam Hussein was the one who ordered the September 11 attacks, and that gay marriage should stay illegal lest the Easter Bunny get hitched to the Trix rabbit!

Apparently once the depth and breadth of Palin’s idiocy became known, the elephant brigade went into action, trying to cram as much knowledge as possible into what can best be described as a brain the size of a thimble, and even though Mama Dumbass was initially a willing pupil, she eventually went into what her tutors referred to as “a catatonic stupor,” a change which was confirmed only when experts from Bellevue were called in!

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The Curse of the Lying Dutchman

The Curse of the Lying Dutchman published on

Here, folks, is a good reason to treat research into social and psychological matters with great skepticism.

We all know that there are tricky ways of lying about these things by applying user-defined definitions that differ markedly from the conventional definitions, or by using hand-picked rather than randomly chosen groups of subjects, but when academics are lazy they don’t even bother with these tactics – they just make shit up.

This is what tulip-picking psychologist Diederik Stapel did. Why bother going out and asking people what they think? Why waste time carrying out fancy experiments? Just make up some figures and then get into a snit every time someone asks to see the actual research! That way you can claim that white people are more likely to discriminate against black people when in messy environments, that the very thought of eating meat makes you selfish, and that people see job applicants as more competent if they have a “male voice”, and few will be inclined to ask what you’ve been smoking.

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