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Apparently, Roger Ailes is Somewhat Unpleasant

Apparently, Roger Ailes is Somewhat Unpleasant published on

Turns out the hideous land-whale who runs Fox News is not as cuddly and lovable as the people who host his channel’s shows. A new bio by some guy called Gabriel Sherman claims that Roger is basically running the Republican party, though he doesn’t like it very much (presumably they are too much like communists for his taste,) and that he has a panic room under his house in case there’s a zombie apocalypse. Sherman also claims that Ailes offered some female producer an extra one hundred dollars per week if she would have sex with him whenever he wanted! Eeeew! Sure, at his age that means once a year, but even that would be one time too many for anyone other than a senile manatee with a bad case of macular degeneration.

Also revealed is that Ailes is a fan of master Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl and that the real reason Glenn Beck was fired from Fox was that Ailes kept challenging him to donut-eating contests which the younger man always managed to win.

As for an official response from Faux, this is what one of their spokespuppets had to say…

“While we have not read the book, the only reality here is that Gabe was not provided any direct access to Roger Ailes and the book was never fact-checked with Fox News.”

In other words “As is typical for Fox News, we are talking about something that we know nothing about.”

More here. It’s Alternet, so if you see anything on the sidebar to do with gender you had best ignore it.