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Vox — Just Another Tool of the Plutocracy

Vox — Just Another Tool of the Plutocracy published on

Vox has a rep as being some sort of full-on Lefty site, but it’s no such thing. An SJW site, that it certainly is. It’s a bastion of Identity Politics, but that’s not the same thing as being left wing. These days, the great litmus test for those claiming to be on the Left is how much attention they give to the WEF’s Great Reset. No truly Left Wing person can look at hundreds of corporations openly plotting to reform capitalism without realizing that such reforms are almost certainly going to be for the worse. Look at it this way. Someone announces that a new neighborhood center is going to be built in some poor Black community. Sounds good, until you go looking and realize it’s being funded by a bunch of White Supremacist groups! LOL! It would take one very dumb Negro to not realize that something sinister is going on. Well, such it is with the Great Reset. Corporations like Walmart, Blackrock, Lockheed Martin, and BP do NOT go around reforming things for the benefit of the peasants! Take Walmart. If they wanted positive reforms they would be implementing them in their own stores, but they ain’t! So, no, there ain’t no truly Left Wing — or even truly liberal — person who looks at the facts and doesn’t come to the conclusion that the WEF needs very careful watching.

So, having noticed an absence of WEF coverage on Vox i decided to do a search of the site. I tried “Great Reset” but got a shitload of results that had nothing to do with the phrase, so presumably they would have been about “great” or “reset,” not about both. Since nobody is going to write about the Great Reset without mentioning the WEF, i decided to search for that term. First i tried “W.E.F” and got literally nothing. Then i tried “WEF” and this is what i got…

How about that! Only four results, and that’s going all the way back to 2015! Our supposedly Lefty site has published only four pieces about the biggest corporate threat of our times over the last SEVEN years! How odd! Searching for Trump, on the other hand, gets 25 THOUSAND results! MAGA gets 296 results! Odd, indeed. Now, why is this? Why does our supposedly Lefty site think the WEF is such a non-issue? Well, things being what they are, one goes looking for the money. According to the SJWs at wikipedia, these are the primary investors in Vox Media…

So i went to the WEF’s Partners section and turns out that the two biggest investors in Vox Media — General Atlantic and NBCUniversal — are, you guessed it, members of the WEF!



There you go. From what i could gather, between them these two groups seem to make up at least 30 percent of Vox Media’s funding. Is that just a coincidence? Highly unlikely. More likely is that Vox, like so much of what passes for the Left these days is just another example of the wolves posing as the sheep.

Alternet Hates Free Speech

Alternet Hates Free Speech published on

And do i have to point out that it depends on whose free speech it is? No, i didn’t think so.

The last few days i have been noticing an odd lack of engagement with my comments at the notoriously anti-Trump site. I actually used to like Alternet, back in the day when it was a genuinely liberal site, but now it’s just an SJW attack machine that puts out nothing but dirt on Republicans, especially the populist ones. Not really worth reading, but at least you can point out some inconvenient facts — until they get sick of them and do that weird thing where only you can see your own comments. Then you are just wasting your energy talking to an empty room, which is what they want you to do. This first screenshot is from the browser in which i am logged in to Alternet’s Disqus section…

Note my comment between BlueTigress and DocYak, and the results in the “find in page” search box.  Now, here’s the same page in a different browser where i am not logged in. In other words, a browser where i see only what everyone else sees. What do we find in the search box? Nothing. What sits between BlueTigress and DocYak? That’s right, nothing.

This is how Alternet does things now. Sly, contemptuous, dishonest, and censorious. Make no mistake, the SJWs hate free speech with a passion and will do anything they can to silence the opposition short of murder. Oh, wait, that’s how they shut up Aaron Danielson and tried to shut up Brett Kavanaugh, so i guess they will do anything up to and including murder!