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Why the Trump Twitter Ban is a Bad Thing For Liberals

Why the Trump Twitter Ban is a Bad Thing For Liberals published on


I mean real liberals, of course, not SJW scum who use Identity Politics to distract from class politics. You know, the kind of liberal that used to go on about higher wages, more welfare, and less wars. Like me and all those people in the old movies.


But because today’s liberals, even the well-meaning ones, have shit for brains, most are celebrating Trump being “permanently suspended” from Twitter as if it’s some sort of wonderful event that will usher in a new age of peace and contentment where everyone gets a magical pet pony that sings like Pavarotti, vomits rubies, and poops diamonds. It ain’t gonna happen! What IS going to happen is a gradual silencing of ALL voices that go against the increasingly nefarious plans of our Plutocratic overlords. How many times do these post-modernist, pseudo-liberal retards think Jack Dorsey is going to let people like AOC, Bernie, or any other really liberal politician or celebrity go on about how Jack’s taxes should be raised so Main St can be bailed out after the decimation wrought by the Chinese Virus? What happens when they start pointing out that the Great Reset is being staged by Walmart, British Petroleum, and the biggest weapons manufacturers in the world? I suspect Twitter will find excuses to either remove certain tweets or to just permanently ban those people. It’s a given, but today’s liberals don’t see it as they genuinely believe these tech billionaires are somehow different to the other greedy pieces of shit that manage to accrue billions of dollars because, you know, they are such nice guys.

And the same is true – in fact, truer – for the actual Left. You know, the socialists and communists. In fact, they will be kicked out first since they already place a lot of emphasis on class issues that Jack and his filthy kind would like to see forgotten. Jacobin magazine will go, so will the Democratic Socialists of America and so on. Naomi Klein starts whining about the Great Reset or the coming war, and she’ll get the same.  And by the way, all this is also true for Facebook, which is at least as plutocratic as Twitter. In fact, THEY are part of the Great Reset, while Twitter just seems to be supportive of it…

So that’s it, boys and girls, that’s why the few rational liberals still left think this is such a dark day for the lower classes, for democracy, for freedom, and for any chance we might have of creating a better world. But we are a very small group, and have no power at all, so we are really just screaming into the wind. But hey, some days you either have to scream, or you have to explode!

After the Murder of Ashli Babbitt, The Milk of Liberal Kindness Flows Forth

After the Murder of Ashli Babbitt, The Milk of Liberal Kindness Flows Forth published on

Actually, it’s more like diarrhea from the devil’s asshole, but that’s what post-modernist liberals are like.

For those who don’t know, Ashli Babbitt was the Trump supporter murdered by a Storm Trooper Of The Plutocracy while climbing through a window during the thoroughly justified storming of the congress. It’s a case of murder much clearer than the death of George Floyd or even Oscar Grant but she was white and a Trump supporter so liberals don’t care. There’s a video out there that leaves no doubt it was murder. A piece of shit comes out from a side door, and shoots an unarmed woman in the neck. Scum. At least Floyd was struggling and Grant’s murderer MAY have mistaken his gun for his taser, though nobody with any brains believes that. This, though, was simply an execution of a non-violent rebel by one of the monarchy’s thugs.

But what really disgusted me was the liberal reaction to Babbitt’s murder. All across Twitter liberals showed what they are made of, and it’s shit. That was bad enough, but they also expressed the same vile opinions on HER OWN TWITTER PAGE, a page which they know is being read by her family and friends! This is how scummy these people are, they are basically pissing on the corpse while her family and friends are watching! And what excuse have they? None! They are just psychopaths taking the opportunity to do some damage. Tomorrow many of them will delete their tweets, but they can’t delete screenshots. You know, like these ones…


And that was just a small sampling. If i went for any more i would be here all night. Now, i’m not a fool. I know things may or may not emerge in the coming days. Perhaps it will turn out she had a gun that fell on the other side of that door and remained unseen by the cameras on this side of the door. Could be she did pose an actual threat, but i doubt it. For now, all the evidence tells us she was not a danger and it is under THIS set of evidence that these sub-humans are celebrating her death. Because she was a right winger. Because she was a Trump supporter. Because she was White. Because she dared to oppose an Establishment that daily shits on all Americans. Remember her name — it was Ashli Babbitt and she was murdered by the plutocracy’s thugs, who were then cheered by SJW scum and post-modernist liberal turds.

The Great Reset Is About To Shit On Your Face!

The Great Reset Is About To Shit On Your Face! published on

Eeeeew! Even i thought twice about using that title! But it is what it is. Anyway, by now most politically active folks have heard of The Great Reset. For those who haven’t, it’s a massive corporate power grab that makes the TPP look downright angelic. It’s a bone-smashing machine of class warfare about to be set loose by this thing called the World Economic Forum, run by a German called Klaus Schwab…

Whoops, sorry, that’s a Bond villain. Below is the real Klaus Schwab…

This warmed-over Blofeld talks a lot of pretty crap about wanting to reform capitalism so that it is fairer to everyone. Sounds good to me, and to any decent person. Problem is, it’s almost a certainty that what Klaus and the WEF are really going to do is make capitalism even more profitable for the rich and even less so for the rest of us. The first piece of evidence i saw for this is a WEF video in which some guy is portrayed as owning nothing and loving it…

Right wing liars like Sargon are, of course, claiming that this means the WEF are a bunch of commies, which for most of the Right is basically just a way of saying they lie slightly to the left of Benito Mussolini. Heh…heh… Actually, the real problem here is that these right wing clowns are actually benefiting the WEF by misidentifying the enemy as the commies instead of the Plutocracy. As i like to put it, if you’ve been bitten by a rattlesnake you don’t tell the doctors trying to solve your problems that you’ve been bitten by a black widow! But the Loony Right don’t care, what matters is vilifying the Left, even when the Left have nothing to do with the problem.

But back to the video. Look at the words carefully. The guy doesn’t “say” he owns nothing and everything – as would be the case in communism – but ONLY that he owns nothing. The article (note the disclaimer inserted after she realized she had said too much!) upon which the video is based also mentions that “everything you considered a product, has now become a service.” So that’s why the poor schmuck in the video owns nothing, because he rents it when he needs it. In other words, our corporate overlords are trying to set up a world in which we the people own nothing and in which all private property is in THEIR hands! Personally, i saw this one coming a few years ago when i found out you can no longer buy Photoshop, you can only rent access to an online version. What i didn’t see coming was the Chinese Virus and the way it’s being used to accelerate us into this nightmarish neo-feudal dystopia.

But the main thing supporting the idea that this is a truly evil project is who makes up the WEF. One could suppose that there are a few well-meaning corporations out there that may actually want to make things better for the peasants. Problem is, there can’t be many of them and certainly not a thousand. Because that’s what the WEF is made up of, about one thousand massive corporations that pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for an annual membership. So it’s not exactly the kind of thing that your neighbor’s little LLC can join. It’s for the big boys, and the minnows can fuck off. And then one looks up the list of companies involved. The WEF, in its impunity and arrogance, kindly provide a big list on their own website.

So i decided to look up the obvious villains and sure enough, virtually every evil fucking corporation i can think of is on their list. It’s like a club for psychopaths in there! Funnily enough, the only notorious corporate villain not present seems to be Rupert Murdoch. Somehow, they put together a team of super villains and they forgot about Thanos!

But all the other greedy, narcissistic dirtbags that we all know and loathe so well are in there. All the control freak tech giants are in there, including the ones who helped to bring down Trump with their constant censorship and lies…

So it won’t be long before anyone searching the web for the details of this evil plan will be met by a puzzling paucity of articles critical of The Great Reset.

Some mainstream media companies are in there as well, so don’t expect to see much criticims of the WEF on the MSM…

Massive fossil fuel companies and notorious polluters are also part of the club. That’s right, BP and Shell want YOU to stop using their products! LOL!

And this one really surprised me. You would think that for the sake of appearances a bunch claiming they want a better world would leave out the world’s two biggest arms manufacturers, but nope. That impunity again.

So there’s all the evidence we need. Would The Joker team up with Lex Luthor to make the world a better place? No, and neither would Lockheed Martin team up with British Petroleum to turn the world into some sort of pastel-colored Utopia filled with puppies and kittens and cute cartoon ponies singing funny songs about happiness and rainbows!

Proud Democrat Takes A Dump On The Poor

Proud Democrat Takes A Dump On The Poor published on

This is why the lower classes hate the Democrats. Check out this Twitter turd’s sidebar. All the usual IdPol crap. But the poor? Fuck ’em. The gays, the blacks, they matter but the poor are there to be crapped on, to be mocked, to be derided for clinging onto the tiny sliver of hope offered by the Trump administration. This is what Democrats are now, and have been for at least twenty years, since they realized it’s cheaper to keep the lower classes under control by psychologically attacking them rather than by raising wages and welfare.

For most of those twenty years the attacks have been veiled as attacks on whites and males since, when you throw in the white females and the colored males, that’s the majority of the poor right there. But since Trump and Brexit they have become increasingly open in their class hatred, and this is what you get. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if in ten years these scum were openly calling for the culling — or at least the sterilization — of the lower classes. So fuck you, James, i hope you get an exotic strain of the Chinese Virus and die coughing your lungs out.

The Great Replacement IS Real!

The Great Replacement IS Real! published on

The Great Replacement IS real, but it’s not about race, it’s about ideology. The Western Plutocrats have had enough of liberals messing with them so they are replacing us with illiberal people from the Third World. THIS is why multiculturalism is the norm — there’s no point in replacing a bunch of white liberals with brown and black liberals. And keep in mind, by WORLD standards Western conservatives are liberals too! We are ALL in the Plutocracy’s crosshairs.