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Why The American Plutocracy Hates The White Man

Why The American Plutocracy Hates The White Man published on

The anti-White and anti-male bias in every major institution in America is undeniable. From the corporations, to the media, to the politicians owned by said corporations, to the government institutions run by those politicians and their appointees, hatred of Whites, and especially White males, is palpable. In America, the White Man is constantly treated as the biggest problem in existence. And you know why? Because to the Plutocrats — the billionaire class who run the world — we ARE their biggest problem. The Plutocrats truly hate us, and hate us with a venom that would see millions of us fed to the maggots if only they could get away with. But why do they see us this way? Much to the disappointment of Far Right nuts, it’s not because they are all secretly Marxists or Jews or Negroes in Whiteface. No, it’s because they know who poses the greatest threat to the rule of the mega-rich, and in America that is the White Man.

The Black man has been thoroughly broken by older Establishment forces. He is so filled with self-hatred that when the rage of being treated like shit overwhelms him he strikes out against his own class, even his own race. He burns down his own neighborhood, kills his fellow Blacks and the White peasants, and just generally makes his life even shittier than it was before. And somewhere deep down he knows that. He knows that the huge widescreen television he stole from the Walmart that he later burnt down will do nothing to change the fact that the Waltons are amongst the richest people on earth and that he will be stuck in the ghetto till he dies of heart disease or gets murdered by some other self-hating Black man. But deep down he believes that his life of poverty and squalor are all that he and his children deserve, and so HE does not storm the capitol, beat the crap out of some pigs, and scare the shit out of the ruling classes!

And therein, my fellow Whiteys, lies the key to the puzzling question of why a system dominated by Whites constantly shits on Whites. Because the White Man has not yet been broken, he lashes out at those with power, those actually responsible for his woes. And he doesn’t do this just when it comes to physical acts of rebellion, he does it by not believing as much bullshit as the Black man believes, by being less obsessed with his race and more interested in his material welfare, and by voting for outsiders that hold out some promise of improvement instead of Establishment figures that will continue to shit on him. He still has enough self-respect to believe that he and his children deserve a better life, and so he poses an existential threat to the ruling classes, which these days basically boils down to the Plutocracy and their stooges in the congress and the White House. This is why he needs to be vilified, constantly told that he is the worst person on the planet, that he is shit personified, the embodiment and the genesis of everything that is vile, evil, and destructive. He must be broken down to the point where he believes – as the Black man does – that he is worthless, innately inferior, and therefore does not deserve a better life for himself and his kin. Because until that is done, he will continue to be a threat to the very existence of the Plutocracy. He will continue to be the last hope of his dying country. He will be the one holding the gun to the Plutocracy’s head, and that is something that the Plutocracy cannot and will not tolerate.

Afro Lives Matter, Y’All!

Afro Lives Matter, Y’All! published on

Now there’s a bill to stop — get this — “race-based hair discrimination”!
THAT’S what matters to these pseudo-Leftists. Not the ruined economy, the thousands of bankrupt small businesses, the unemployed millions, the homeless masses, or the imminent plutocratic takeover of America. No, what matters is being able to grow Afros so big that they get stuck in the door every time you try to enter a room! #AfroLivesMatter! Am i right?

It is amazing how far pseudo-socialists like this clown — this Pressley woman is part of the Squad, the class traitors who voted to put Pelosi back in as Speaker — go to distract us from class issues and establishment evils. She even claims black girls are being kept out of school because of their hair! Bloody hell, some people will believe any fucking thing as long as it’s coming from a Woman Of Color!

The American Class War Is Over…

The American Class War Is Over… published on

…and the Plutocracy has won.

Not surprisingly, “liberal” fools all across America are celebrating this rather unfortunate event, but that’s because, as is the wont of fools, they have no idea how much shit is about to rain down upon their porridge-filled heads. They bought the propaganda portraying Trump as evil incarnate and so they threw away what was probably America’s last hope – hope in a very strange package, i grant you, but hope nonetheless –  completely unaware that despite his many and colourful flaws Trump was the retaining wall between the common American and a torrent of shit that will hurl America into a nightmare descent into third world conditions – but only for the peasants. Not for Bezos and his filthy kind, of course. Like the subhuman parasites that they are, they will continue to get rich off the blood and sweat of the lower classes.

The U.S was always the country most likely to be the first to fall to complete  plutocratic control due to its reluctance to rein in capitalist excess – the Plutocrats behind this takeover didn’t get rich because of America’s habit of taxing the shit out of the rich, you know – and the Right Wing leadership’s dire and conveniently distracting warnings about “the Left”, a boogie man dead for so long that even its ghost has its own ghost. But don’t tell the Right Wing boys that. Even now, as the plutocratic hammer is about to smash their brains out of their heads they are still convinced that Jeff Bezos is a socialist, that Bill Gates is a communist, and that Walmart is run by Marxists.  Just goes to show that not all of today’s fools are on the left side of the fence. There is plenty of blame sitting on the shelves, and i’m a generous sort so i’m going to hand it out to  pretty much everyone except the few old-fashioned liberals and moderate conservatives who have both the intellect and the independence to see the situation for what it is. But we are a very small minority, probably less than 5% of the population. The other 95% are too stupid to put the puzzle together, or too ignorant to have the pieces required to figure out the puzzle, or  too fucking lazy to look for the pieces, or just too fucking weak to risk the disapproval of their fellow sheep. So we get what we have.

And what we have is Joe Biden, a senile, child-groping old puppet who is about to usher in a slew of changes that will be portrayed as being about social justice while actually being about a massive increase in plutocratic power : eleven million illegal immigrants will be allowed to stay, so they can more easily compete with the local workers, increase the number of Democrat voters, and cause more social division by translating the American anthem into Spanish ; a new war-for-profit is almost certain, mostly because Lockheed Martin and other evil corporations are eager to make billions of dollars by slaughtering more innocent Muslims while virtue-signalling about how terrible Islamophobia is ; the Great Reset will go ahead since, according to one of the WEF’s top people, the WEF now has a friend in the White House; the Plutocracy’s stranglehold on the MSM will become even tighter as Fox starts going SJW and Google is allowed to push the few dissenting sources to the bottom of the search results; and even the seemingly left wing measure of introducing a $15 per hour minimum wage is designed to send small businesses bankrupt, thereby increasing the number of people shopping on Amazon and at Wal-Mart. I guess one of Biden’s recent tweets was right – it is a new day in America, but it’s going to be a very dark one.

Is there any way out of this for America? Democracy, in its current state, is not going to get the job done. Honestly, i think only a full-on revolution followed by a genuine democracy in which the media is forced by a fairness doctrine to tell all sides of the story would be able to save America, but that is highly unlikely to happen as such a change would need the help of the people it is meant to defeat. Hell, at this stage i would even settle for a military or far right (not fascist) or genuinely Marxist ( not Stalinist, Maoist, etc) dictatorship. That’s how bad things have gotten. America is headed for a Plutocratic Dictatorship masquerading as a “democracy,” and the Plutocracy thinks of the common man as barely even human. At least Marxism and Far Right totalitarianism, for all their flaws, have some regard for the common people. But wouldn’t that mean the death of democracy? American democracy is already dead. Since at least the Clinton administration the two parties have been almost identical except that the Dems are the socially liberal wing of the Plutocratic Party, and the Republicans are the socially conservative wing of the Plutocratic Party. That’s all there is to it. When it comes to class and war, they do basically the same thing. So if America were to become a military or Far Right or Marxist dictatorship, no democracy would be lost – only the illusion of democracy. But i don’t see this happening. The military seems to be in thrall to the Plutocracy, the fake revolutionaries of BLM and Antifa are interested only in terrorizing the peasants, not the aristocracy, and even the Far Right stick to empty gestures such as calmly walking into the Capitol building, taking some selfies, stealing a laptop, and then going home. Imagine if that was all King George had to contend with…

This doesn’t mean the Republicans can’t ever win again, it just means that they will have to be not only as devoted to the Plutocracy as the Dems – most are already there as they are establishment Republicans, not populist Trump Republicans  – but also buy into the same SJW shit being used to mask this war against the lower classes.  In other words, they would have to become Democrats in everything but name and that would just be the Biden admin under another name. So i don’t think there is a happy ending in sight for America. I think the American future is a screaming, sci-fi dystopia come to life, with 100s of millions drowning in a sea of shit, and that there is nothing that can be done about it. All things must end and this looks like the end of America, at least as anything other than a massive latrine.

So, my dear American friends, i do believe that you are all fucked. Those of you who are old fashioned liberals and moderate right wingers are welcome to move to Australia, but even that is only a reprieve as the rest of world will be following the US into a plutocratic hell within ten or twenty years. But until then, it will be like that old movie where Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner get to sit on an Australian beach waiting for the radiation from the 3rd World War to arrive! It won’t be great, but it’s better than what Joe Biden is going to give you.

Man, that was depressing. I think i’ll go eat some cheesecake. Oh wait, i just remembered – i’ve run out of cheesecake…

Twitter Admits Biden Sexually Exploits Children

Twitter Admits Biden Sexually Exploits Children published on

Well, either that or that they will use any excuse to attack anyone who doesn’t follow the Plutocratic line. This account, whose name shall remain un-named, got a notice after posting a montage of several of those pictures of Biden sexually harassing children…

In the below, note the way they force you to choose between an appeal or continuing to use your account. An appeal can last days, so of course pretty much everyone chooses to delete rather than contest. And even if you DO appeal, i have yet to see Twitter admitting to being wrong.

If you are wondering what the hell anime girls have to do with this, it was a reference to this humorous take on Biden’s pedophilic tendencies…

Here they are again, admitting that what Joe Biden is doing in those pictures is child abuse…

Now, what picture did the Twitter team decide was “child sexual exploitation”? This one…

In other words, Twitter’s own standards admit that Joe Biden SEXUALLY EXPLOITS CHILDREN! There’s no other way to look at it! And yet, this exploiter of children continues to have an account, while others get axed for all sorts of bullshit reasons! Clearly, either Twitter has a very flexible definition of child sexual exploitation, or they are willingly and knowingly hosting a pedophile on their platform. Either way, they are scum.