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Some quick thoughts on the fall of Roe V Wade

Some quick thoughts on the fall of Roe V Wade published on

— Red states will ban all abortion.
— There will be an flood of “liberals” from the Red states into the Blue ones.

— Blue states will allow abortion right up to the moment of birth
— There will be a flood of right wingers from the Blue states into the Red states.

— As a result of the above migrations the entire country will turn deep red and deep blue. Division will increase drastically in culture and in the congress. Congressional gridlock on social issues will ensue. Not on class issues, of course, as both the Blue and Red politicians will continue to shit on Joe Average on behalf of the plutocracy.

— The massive increase in division amongst the peasants will make things even easier for the Plutocrats. The Red peasants will be too busy fighting the Blue peasants to notice that the plutocrats keep stealing all the green.

— Given the current tendency towards tyranny in America, we may soon find the Reds trying to force the Blues to do things their way and/or the other way around. This could lead to another civil war, at least on the economic level but possibly even on the blood and guts level

— America is fucked.

— The cartoon below has turned out to be prophetic, if slightly optimistic in its time frame.

Vox — Just Another Tool of the Plutocracy

Vox — Just Another Tool of the Plutocracy published on

Vox has a rep as being some sort of full-on Lefty site, but it’s no such thing. An SJW site, that it certainly is. It’s a bastion of Identity Politics, but that’s not the same thing as being left wing. These days, the great litmus test for those claiming to be on the Left is how much attention they give to the WEF’s Great Reset. No truly Left Wing person can look at hundreds of corporations openly plotting to reform capitalism without realizing that such reforms are almost certainly going to be for the worse. Look at it this way. Someone announces that a new neighborhood center is going to be built in some poor Black community. Sounds good, until you go looking and realize it’s being funded by a bunch of White Supremacist groups! LOL! It would take one very dumb Negro to not realize that something sinister is going on. Well, such it is with the Great Reset. Corporations like Walmart, Blackrock, Lockheed Martin, and BP do NOT go around reforming things for the benefit of the peasants! Take Walmart. If they wanted positive reforms they would be implementing them in their own stores, but they ain’t! So, no, there ain’t no truly Left Wing — or even truly liberal — person who looks at the facts and doesn’t come to the conclusion that the WEF needs very careful watching.

So, having noticed an absence of WEF coverage on Vox i decided to do a search of the site. I tried “Great Reset” but got a shitload of results that had nothing to do with the phrase, so presumably they would have been about “great” or “reset,” not about both. Since nobody is going to write about the Great Reset without mentioning the WEF, i decided to search for that term. First i tried “W.E.F” and got literally nothing. Then i tried “WEF” and this is what i got…

How about that! Only four results, and that’s going all the way back to 2015! Our supposedly Lefty site has published only four pieces about the biggest corporate threat of our times over the last SEVEN years! How odd! Searching for Trump, on the other hand, gets 25 THOUSAND results! MAGA gets 296 results! Odd, indeed. Now, why is this? Why does our supposedly Lefty site think the WEF is such a non-issue? Well, things being what they are, one goes looking for the money. According to the SJWs at wikipedia, these are the primary investors in Vox Media…

So i went to the WEF’s Partners section and turns out that the two biggest investors in Vox Media — General Atlantic and NBCUniversal — are, you guessed it, members of the WEF!



There you go. From what i could gather, between them these two groups seem to make up at least 30 percent of Vox Media’s funding. Is that just a coincidence? Highly unlikely. More likely is that Vox, like so much of what passes for the Left these days is just another example of the wolves posing as the sheep.

Rosie Batty Before And After Joining The Sisterhood

Rosie Batty Before And After Joining The Sisterhood published on

In Australia, everyone knows who this woman is. Her son Luke was murdered by her psycho husband, she became an anti-DV campaigner, got to be Australian of the Year and generally got her ass kissed by every idiot in sight. Luckily, piggy ain’t no idiot. Having vaguely remembered that she started out blaming mental illness rather than the usual patriarchal oppression crap, i never took her seriously when she said that the answer was to have more female CEOs and politicians.

Today, thanks to a post by Bettina Arndt, i bumped into the ABC story in which she gave her initial account of the murder : “Father who killed son, Luke Batty, at cricket ground had history of mental illness, says boy’s anguished mother”

Here is an excerpt from the story dated 14 Feb 2014…

“Ms Batty says she had known Greg for 20 years, and over that time his mental health deteriorated…[He went] from someone who brushed off losing a job to someone that was unemployable…He was in a homelessness situation for many years. His life was failing. Everything was becoming worse in his life and Luke was the only bright light in his life.”

Nowhere does she spout anything even vaguely feminist. It’s all about the mental illness. She even claims the father loved the kid and was “anguished” at what he had done, which isn’t exactly what one expects from some vengeful patriarch who just killed his only son completely of his own free will.

Contrast this with her statements in August of 2015 (italics are mine)…

”The fact that family violence is a gendered issue: the vast majority of
people still don’t understand that family violence is a gendered issue.
People want to be able to blame drug and alcohol abuse, or a childhood
upbringing affected by family violence, or even the victim herself.
However, it is clear that most family violence is perpetrated by a man
against the woman and that the gender inequities that exist in our society
are a key driver of violence against women.”

And then there’s this interesting jump, from DV in the general community to more power for women in business and politics. Apparently, the answer to women being beaten up in the trailer parks is to give more power to women from the upper classes. Western feminism, folks. Western feminism…

” My understanding is that societies which have greater gender equity, have less family violence. If we can achieve gender equity within our upper echelons, this will in time have an impact on our broader societal beliefs and attitudes.”

What the hell happened in those few intervening months?!?!?!? Did her dead husband magically become mentally UN-ill? No, of course not. Almost certainly what happened was that the feminist dirtbags saw an opening and took it. Whether they took advantage of a grieving woman’s mental state to shovel all sorts of shit into her head or whether Batty herself saw an opportunity for a grift i do not know, though i am more inclined to think it was the former. What we DO know is that things changed in a very, very big way that took the focus off the ACTUAL cause of Luke’s murder — mental illness — and pointed the finger at the patriarchal boogey man and in so doing made it MORE likely that such tragedies would happen in the future. After all, you cannot cure the patient’s headache if you focus on his tense neck and ignore the nail sticking out the top of his noggin! But why would a feminist establishment dominated by middle class women care? Hell, it’s an opportunity to grab more power and wealth for themselves, and if more lower class women and children continue to be killed it isn’t their problem!