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Amazon keeps rolling out them robots

Amazon keeps rolling out them robots published on

Amazon floods its workplace with literally hundreds of thousands of robots, and claims doing so has actually created hundreds of thousands of jobs. BS, unless of course they mean it’s created jobs for the robots! Hundreds of thousands of robots = hundreds of thousands of jobs. Makes sense, i guess. Fact is, Amazon is not run by morons, so they aren’t spending millions of dollars on robots in order to create hundreds of thousands of new human jobs that will cost them millions more in wages! They’re a huge corporation, not the Salvation Army, they are in it for profit and that’s all there is to it. Note also the guy assuring us that full automation will never happen. That may be true, but it is meant to make us fear only full automation, despite the fact that even a loss of 20% of jobs will plunge the lower classes into poverty. Once only 80% of workers are needed, wages and salaries will plummet. The working class will get slightly more money than those on welfare, and the middle class will get what the working class gets now. This, folks, is part of the reason i think we are on the road to a neo-feudal nightmare. I do have to admit that robots do have one big advantage on humans — they don’t need to piss, in a bottle or otherwise.