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How will Alternet react to anti-White racism?

How will Alternet react to anti-White racism? published on

Turns out there’s an SJW version of “black people are monkeys,” and that is “white people are kinda neanderthals.” Both are objectionable, and we both know what would happen if someone in Alternet’s comment section posted the first. What will happen in this case? I suspect nothing. I reported it, but i will be very surprised if Alternet gives a shit. After all, these are the people who pushed the anti-White subway shooter off their pages just a day after he carried out his terrorist act.

Update : still there 24 hours later. Of course it is. Compare black people to monkeys and it’s bad. Compare White people to cavemen and it’s cool. This is what “liberals” are now.

Update 2 : two days later it’s still there. Probably safe to say this means the mods have looked and gone “meh.” That’s SJWs for ya.

Still there FIVE days later. Racism is cool at Alternet, but only if it’s the anti-White kind.