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“White outrage about Will Smith’s slap is rooted in anti-Blackness”

“White outrage about Will Smith’s slap is rooted in anti-Blackness” published on

Yes, you heard that right. Some clown at The Guardian is lying about Whitey — in other words, it’s yet another day ending with day.

Our race-baiting friend, sticking closely to The Gaga’s agenda of using identity politics to keep the peasants fighting amongst themselves, proceeds to claim that…

“The Hollywood director Judd Apatow declared in a deleted tweet that Smith “could have killed” Rock (seriously?), calling it “pure out of control rage and violence”…The radio host Howard Stern compared Smith to Donald Trump, while white women on Twitter somehow decided that Smith’s actions meant he must be beating his wife. It would seem that there’s a layer of hyper-violence that’s being projected on to Smith simply because he is a Black man who was defending his Black wife.”

Note that last sentence. NOBODY with any brain cells believes that the reaction would have been different had it been an all White affair — ESPECIALLY the Donald Trump comparison. And since the writer can put pen to paper one has to assume that he has at least half a dozen of the fucking things left.

He also claims that worse has happened at the Oscars and then goes on to LIE about the infamous John Wayne incident back in the ‘70s.

“Anyone who has been following these shows can see that Smith is being held up to much stricter standards than white men who have behaved just as badly or even worse in those settings. In 1973, John Wayne had to be restrained by six security guards when he tried to rush the stage and attack the Native American actor and activist Sacheen Littlefeather. Littlefeather was on stage to accept the best actor award on behalf of Marlon Brando, who was boycotting the awards in protest at Hollywood’s depictions of Native Americans.”

Note that he claims that John Wayne had to be stopped from ATTACKING Littlefeather even though the woman herself, in the ARTICLE HE LINKS TO says Wayne was just trying to drag her off the stage! Again, there is NO WAY anyone really believes trying to drag someone off the stage is even as bad, much less worse, than thumping them.

It is AMAZING how blatantly the Guardian lies. They don’t even try to be clever about it, they jus straight out LIE. Makes me want to throw up all over my monitor.

Rant over.