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Now that the “concentration camps” are Pedo Joe’s…

Now that the “concentration camps” are Pedo Joe’s… published on

Where is the outrage from AOC and other Squad members who called these things concentration camps? Nowhere. Most of these people don’t give a fuck about anyone except their Plutocratic masters. All the whining about kids in cages was just about taking down Trump for failing to give the Plutocrats as much as an American president is supposed to. Will even this be enough to make America’s “liberals” wake up to the Squad’s phoniness? I doubt it. They didn’t wake up when these faux-socialists supported a neo-liberal, neo-conservative piece of shit for the presidency, nor when they voted Pelosi back in as Speaker despite wielding the crucial votes, and they won’t wake up when the Squad votes for the next neo-con war. Retards digging their own graves, that’s all most so-called liberals are today.

Details at Breitbart, which has somehow become more credible than the New York Times. Strange days indeed.