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What The Democrats REALLY Think Of Democracy

What The Democrats REALLY Think Of Democracy published on

Right now the Dems are all up in arms claiming that Trump is a would-be dictator trying to stage some coup, instead of what he really is which is a clever guy making sure his base still remember him in four years AND that they think he was cheated even if the election turns out to be clean enough to justify Gropey Joe’s win. Mind you, morally this election will never be legitimate. It can’t be, not when the media spent four years lying to the people. So in that very real sense, Trump has been robbed. Legally, meh, probably not.

But something i remember, and which hardly anyone else seems to, is the fact that back in 2016 the same people now kissing democracy’s ass were trying to kick it! There was a whole campaign aimed at getting the folks who do the voting at the electoral college to go against the wishes of the people. The Dems LITERALLY asked the electors that were representing people who had voted for Trump to instead vote for Clinton! And of course, as with every other evil thing that today’s so-called liberals do, there were celebrities at the helm as can be seen in this tweet. Sorry, but piggy don’t know how to get the video without the tweet…

And let’s not forget the petition asking the college to, in effect, stage a coup against Donald Trump. Look at the number of signatures on this bloody thing! Almost five million!

Think about that. Almost five million Democrats were willing to put their name to this attempt at overturning a fair and legal election. Take that number and multiply it by ten to include the ones who shared the same fascist sentiments but weren’t stupid enough to actually put their names on record, and you can understand why so many Republicans fear the election might have been stolen. The Dems have shown us they have the will to do such a thing, so that is not up for debate. All that is up for debate is whether or not they have, this time ’round, actually succeeded in doing it. Frankly, i hope there WAS massive cheating and that the Republicans prove it and Trump miraculously holds on, but i don’t think it’s looking good. I think we are in for four years of America being run by a bunch of neo-liberal, neo-conservative psychopaths who care nothing for democracy and who will do everything — legal or otherwise — to stay in power indefinitely. They have shown us they have the will, and now they are about to get the power.

Sorry to be such a downer, but that’s where the evidence is taking me right now. Here, have a song about a potato. It might make up for all the doom and gloom currently pervading the room…