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Black Women — Finally Getting Ahead In The White Man’s World

Black Women — Finally Getting Ahead In The White Man’s World published on

I would like to apologize for the title, but somebody had to make that joke…

Believe it or not, this fucking thing got posted on Instagram and when it was reported the company responded that it was fine and dandy like a decapitated head full of candy.

Let’s guess what would happen if i posted this photo of Sargon in Blackface…

Not only would it get taken down but i would probably be banned and Instagram would send BLM round to my place to separate my head from the rest of my anatomy. This is America now, folks, and if Trump loses the election it will only get worse. Anti-white hatred will be institutionalized, normalized, and then glorified. Will it lead to the kind of genocide we saw in Haiti? Probably not, as American blacks don’t have the numbers, don’t have the guns, and can’t aim for shit, but there will be an attack here and there, and lots of folks will die that shouldn’t. As usual the Plutocracy’s tactic of “divide and conquer” will have nasty consequences, but only for the poor folks. And no, it doesn’t matter if the post turns out to be a troll job as the point here is that Instagram had no problem with it. And as for the wits on the social media asking if they ate the bodies, that’s racist. After all, they’re black — not Chinese.



Vote Trump – only HE can stop fat black women hacking your head off.