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Man Bites Bitch

Man Bites Bitch published on

In this interesting little video, a female bonobo goes ape and starts throwing her tiny little fists around. Despite being tiny, they are hard enough to bloody the nose of a man who was not being violent towards her. He seems to be trying to get her out of the house, she asks him, “What you gonna do, hit a girl,” then hits him in the face, figuring, no doubt, that like most Western males this guy is too much of a pussy to stand up for himself. But, perhaps fed up with taking shit from the rabid monkey that passes for Woman these days, the young dude slugs her one in the face and she goes down like a rock.

What follows is a truly astonishing display of how entitled women have become. The monkey starts jumping up and down and flinging feces around while screeching that the dude done hit her! Her male bitch seems to agree that niggers should never hit Whitey, even when Whitey has thrown the first punch. Even the dude’s friends seem rather freaked out by his retaliation. Because, you know, men are supposed to tolerate women’s violence like the second class citizens they have become. Luckily, there are cameras there to record the guy’s bloody nose. Were it not for that, he would probably be sitting in a jail cell for having the nerve to bite back.

And don’t you love that sound? “Thwack!” The sound of one woman’s female privilege running out.

No reason to be calling her a lesbo, though, it just makes the uploader look bad.