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Sexist Cunt Tells Men To Shut Up

Sexist Cunt Tells Men To Shut Up published on

Some female turd called Claire McCaskill, who spends most of her time stinking up the US senate, has seen fit to get on TV and deliver a “PSA” telling men to shut the fuck up. Sure, she tries to make it something of a joke by telling us to shut up about some irrelevant crap. But, as is typical of feminist trash, the so-called humor is only there to hide the hatred. She, for example, makes sure to tell men to shut up about important stuff such as abortion (because women are self-impregnating, don’t you know) and religion. And on which TV show is this sexist, anti-male rant delivered? On Stephen Colbert’s show. Not surprisingly, given that unfunny jackass’s long standing habit of shitting on his own sex. As for the bitch in question, she whines about the fact that there are “only” 20 of her sister bitches in the senate (I assume she isn’t counting all the eunuchs in the Democratic party) as if this is some sort of patriarchal plot. In all honesty, I think that twenty is twenty too many, given how much female politicians like to push anti-male legislation. And you want to know why there are so “few” women in the senate? Because women suck. That’s right. And not only do women suck, but most women know that they suck, which is why they choose to vote men into office! The majority of the electorate in the US is female yet they continue to vote for males! That’s not sexism, that’s not oppression, that’s just a flash of commonsense from a group of people usually sorely lacking in said quality!

My list of what women should shut up about is, oddly, both shorter and more comprehensive than the senator’s and consists of only one word — everything. There is nothing a woman can say that can’t be said more intelligently and eloquently by a man, a man who, unlike his female counterpart, is not swimming in a sea of un-earned privilege. I need to hear the opinions of straight, white, middle class women about as much as I need to hear the opinions of Rupert Murdoch or the Koch brothers! The over-privileged are notorious for being self centered, and the probability that they will voice any but the most self-serving of opinions is very low. That’s how it is for the rich, and that’s how it is for women. So, to any straight, white, middle class woman who may have stumbled onto this site while searching for cheap shoes or discount cheesecake, I have this to say – shut the fuck up, madam, and fuck the fuck off.

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