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Ronda Rousey Is A Domestic Abuser

Ronda Rousey Is A Domestic Abuser published on

As has become all too common, yet another famous woman has revealed herself to be little more than a walking cowpat. And as is also common, the asshole in question knows that her femaleness grants her immunity so she actually admits to the crime. Like kiddie-fiddler Lena Dunham before her, Rousey actually bragged about her act of violence in an “autobiography.”

In “I Like To Beat Up Men,” Rousey admits to slapping her boyfriend, punching him with a straight right and a left hook, then kneeing him in the face and throwing him onto the floor! Yay, you go, girl! I can just see Sandra Cow getting about as juicy as a 51 year old woman can when hearing about this story!

The response to Rousey’s confession has been as swift and decisive as the response to Amy Schumer’s admission that she sexually assaulted a guy back in college. That’s right, virtually nobody cares. Not only that, but some are looking to use a different definition of domestic violence than that used in cases such as Chris Brown’s. This time around, it’s only DV if she did it more than once! I don’t recall feminists saying, “Wait, is this the only time Chris Brown has beaten up that chick who can’t sing for shit? Because if it is, then it’s not domestic violence!”

Add to Rousey’s confession her criticism of Floyd Mayweather’s own history of abuse, and Rousey starts to look like yet another typical Western Woman – an arrogant, man-hating, hypocritical cunt-rag who clearly believes that society should hold men to a harsher standard than it holds members of the superior sex. But then, what can you expect from a young woman who has been told, her entire life, that she, simply by virtue of being born female, is better than most of the human race?

And, yes, men are, globally, a majority – it is only in the gynocentric West that we are a minority.
Yet another woman shows her true colors here.