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Female Journalists Outraged At Being Denied Cheap Thrills

Female Journalists Outraged At Being Denied Cheap Thrills published on

A couple of Peeping Thomasinas have taken to Twitter to complain bitterly that they failed to cop an eyeful after a recent NFL game. The two lascivious creatures tried getting into the men’s locker room, only to be stopped by some old fuddy duddy who was, apparently, under the impression that not all males like to have their members stared at by members of the Superior Sex.

One of the women, the bizarrely named Graham Watson, screeched hysterically…

“I have covered male sporting events all over the world and it took coming to Indianapolis to face my first gender discrimination.”

I wonder what she would call male reporters being asked to wait while an usher checked with a women’s team if they were allowed to come in? Common sense, that’s what she would call it. But her female privilege stops her seeing it that way when it’s men whose privacy is being respected.

In typical Amerikan fashion, the NFL teams involved completely failed to stand up for their sex by actually apologizing to the perverted women for not allowing them to get their jollies! Here’s an unlikely headline – “WNBA Apologizes For Not Letting Men See Players With Their Pussies Hanging Out!”

Ms Watson later tweeted…

“I do want to note that we were eventually allowed through, but by the time we got inside there wasn’t a naked cock to be seen. Very disappointing! Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go Google for “naked jocks with big cocks.”

Feminist indignation at its finest here.