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Kewpie Doll Steps Out Of Line, Gets Eaten Alive By Angry Birds

Kewpie Doll Steps Out Of Line, Gets Eaten Alive By Angry Birds published on

Ain’t it just grand when the feminists turn on one another over the most minor of things? Emma Watson, the disgusting little dwarf who gave that shameful “HeForShe” speech at the UN, has just made the mistake of saying that some of the best feminists are men! While I see that as yet another gross insult to the male sex, the pinheads and reprobates who litter Twitter saw it as some sort of attack on feminism. Or it had something to do with race. Or something.

Amongst the more coherent tweets are such pearls of wisdom as…

“Emma Watson is a problematic fav. I love her but she needs to educate herself and stop trying to get male approval with her white feminism.”

Puzzling, as in the piece there is no mention of race. My guess is that “white feminism” is just another nonsensical SJW term that has nothing to do with what is actually happening.


Love the all-caps, madam. Combined with your atrocious mangling of the English language it truly makes you look like someone who should be taken seriously.

“Emma Watson’s views shouldn’t be considered feminism, anything that questions black women and seeks male approval is NOT feminism”

What? Which black women did she question? It’s almost as if Twitter feminists live in a completely different reality to the rest of us…

As for Watson herself, she claims to have “experienced” sexism because most of the directors she has worked with have been male. Yeah, and most of the nurses and school teachers I have encountered have been female, so I guess that I also have “experienced sexism.” What a schmuck.

There’s also some crap caption under the video in which it is claimed that she said “It was seven men and me”! That doesn’t seem to be in either the video or the print, but it makes you wonder what the hell young Emma is getting up to in her spare time. Emma Watson – actress, feminist twat, human bowling ball.

Watson and other idiots here.