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Feminists Freak Out Over Silly Old Man’s Silly Old Comment

Feminists Freak Out Over Silly Old Man’s Silly Old Comment published on

In the most horrific geriatric attack on the female sex since Tim Hunt quipped that women scientists were too likely to burst into tears, the Dalai Lama has outraged the feminist world by suggesting that if there were to be a female Dalai Lama she had better be one seriously hot babe!

The shocking comment was delivered as part of an interview during which the 80 year old seemed to be under the impression that he was being interviewed for a job as Guatemala’s next President. The condemnation was swift and righteous, and soon the old miscreant found himself being beaten senseless with dozens of expensive, brick-filled handbags.

Vivienne Hayes, CEO of the Women’s Resource Centre, responded by screaming hysterically that…

“It’s disappointing that any woman’s ability to take on a leadership role should be determined by her appearance. This seems to be a common obsession across the media, given some of the comments about women in politics.”

Nice leap from one senile old man’s comment to a generalization about the media, madam. She then adds…

“We are concerned that society is in fact going backwards in terms of women’s equality, and will keep tirelessly campaigning against this.”

She later explained that by going backwards she actually meant going forwards, and that she is a great supporter of the education gap and would like to see measures implemented to ensure that by next Tuesday 90% of British degrees are going to women.

Nicole Rowe, spokeswoman for Progressive Women, and owner of an online store specializing in tin foil hats, blithered…

“…we’re surprised and greatly disappointed that a man of such compassion and wisdom could express such a retrograde opinion. Perpetuating the antiquated idea that women are primarily useful as ornaments, as in the parlance ‘Women should be seen but not heard’, only adds fuel to the manifold discrimination women still face to this day.”

Nice try, Madam Goony Bird, but nobody said anything about women shutting the hell up – though, in your case, they probably should.

Someone called Caroline Criado-Perez, a creature best known for trying to get more women’s heads put on British bank notes (there’s a life well spent,) responded with typical feminist eloquence on Twitter (where else?) by asking…

“Is ‘lol’ appropriate?”

It was later discovered that Criado-Perez’ comment was not in response to the old llama’s faux pas, but rather to the fact that Western feminism has become a cabal of pinheaded women whining about matters so trivial that even feminists themselves can no longer repress their laughter.