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Talk Radio Loon Objects To Gay Secretary of Army

Talk Radio Loon Objects To Gay Secretary of Army published on

Some guy called Michael Savage, whose name I vaguely recall from the days when I used to get many of my laughs by watching Fox News, has declared Obama to be a lunatic after the latter appointed a gay guy Secretary of the Army. I don’t know why Savage is so upset – secretary sounds exactly like the kind of job a gay guy would be right for. But he doesn’t see it that way, and claims Obama is not only a lunatic but also a psychopath. While I agree with him on the latter I see no evidence of the former. And as for the latter, the evidence lies not in the appointment of this Streisand-loving poodle-walker but rather in the body count racked up by O’s beloved army of drones.

Savage also expressed concern that the army’s image might suffer…

“Next thing you know, this guy will have all the soldiers wearing tank tops and gold lamé hot pants! And can you imagine the marching drills? He’ll have the marines marching to songs by ABBA! And their new mascot will be not the noble bulldog but that sea-dwelling pervert Spongebob Squarepants! And what will that lead to? The US army will become an international laughing stock and the whole world will end up hating us. We can’t have that!”

Get your right wing nutjob right here.

And in case you’ve forgotten what gold lamé hot pants look like, here are some antipodean reminders. You’re welcome.

kylie gold lame hot pants
kylie yet again

kylie hot pants 3 jpg