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Ana Kasparian from The Young Turds Justifies Violence Against Boys

Ana Kasparian from The Young Turds Justifies Violence Against Boys published on

Already infamous in MRA circles for her charming tale of how she kicked some boy off his bike then kicked the shit out of him for having slapped her ass, this lame-brained twat of a woman has just put out a video specifically intended to tell us how thoroughly justified her actions were!

Not surprisingly, the thing is loaded with feminist bullshit such as claiming that the boy “violated her” by slapping her ass, something that is meant to conjure up an emotional response that rightly belongs with rape, not with a very mild sexual assault. She also claims the slap left her with “tears in her eyes,” which can be taken to mean that the little fucker has a slap like a Mike Tyson haymaker or, more likely, that he did her some very severe emotional damage, possibly even resulting in a case of PTSD which to this day causes her to have flashbacks every time she sees a tricycle!

She also keeps going on about a power imbalance, while failing to mention that the “guy” in question was 14 years old! Seems to me that, unless he was an especially large 14 year old, that power balance was very small and possibly even in her favor! That, of course, is why the dishonest little dirtbag does not mention the male’s age – she wants us to picture the average American man at around 5’10 and 190 lbs! How do I know the little hoon’s age? Because she has, in the past, admitted it. But I guess since then she has realized it was a mistake to do so…

She also spends a lot of time going on about “defending herself,” something which is clearly a misrepresentation meant to make the boy look like a would-be rapist, despite there being no indications that he was going to do anything that went past the disrespectful. As I see it, the most she could have justifiably done is knock him off the bike and tell him off, kicking him once he was down was clearly excessive by most legal standards. And let’s not forget — we don’t know that he did any of this shit! Maybe she was in a bad mood and he looked at her the wrong way! But even by her own account, he committed a mild sexual assault, she committed assault and battery, so it’s pretty obvious who the thug in this scenario is. As for comparisons to Ray Rice, she is right in that they are unwarranted — Ray Rice didn’t kick his fiancée once she was down!