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Alan Moore screams misogyny!

Alan Moore screams misogyny! published on

Yes, that Alan Moore, the one who wrote Watchmen (unoriginal and boring crap) and V for Vendetta — the movie was very cool and not at all crap, can’t speak on the comics as Watchmen put me right off him.

While defending himself from charges that he is obsessed with rape, the ageing nutter decided to make some typically feminist claims about the nature of reality, i.e., he lied about it. Explaining to his fellow feminists at the Guardian why he does not avoid depictions of rape in his work, Moore blithers…

“sexual violence, including rape and domestic abuse, should also feature in my work where necessary or appropriate to a given narrative, the alternative being to imply that these things did not exist, or weren’t happening. This, given the scale upon which such events occur, would have seemed tantamount to the denial of a sexual holocaust, happening annually.”

A sexual holocaust? What, millions of women being rounded up and exterminated just for being women? If that’s happening the Worldwide Patriarchal Media Conspiracy is doing a great job of hiding it from yours truly. In fact, the few times when people are wiped out en masse the majority of the victims are usually males. It wasn’t thousands of Muslim women who were exterminated in the former Yugoslavia, Al, it was the menz. Being a writer, Moore knows the connotations attached to the word “holocaust” are primarily those to do with The Holocaust, but even if he was having a dumbass moment and wasn’t referring to Nazi Germany, we still have him using a word that can also describe a large, destructive fire – and I don’t see huge numbers of women being thrown onto bonfires, not around my neck of the woods.

He further flies his feminist flag by using the term “gender-related violence,” something which is probably meant to lump DV into the same category as race-related violence…

“(there are) relatively few murders in relation to the staggering number of rapes and other crimes of sexual or gender-related violence”

Yep, because some guy punching his girlfriend in the face belongs in the same category of crime as a couple of racists dragging a black man to his death behind their truck. Then there’s the fact that gay women are as likely to get beaten up by their partners as straight ones. I guess that’s “gender-based violence” too, right, Al? Or do suggestions of bigotry enter the picture only when the perp is a straight white male? I suspect Al’s answer would be “yes.” In fact, i’m surprised he didn’t throw in something about murder not being that big a deal because most of the victims of that particular crime are male…

Moore also whines that comic book fans, the adult ones, are avoiding reality. Coming from a man who claims to be a magician (the Merlin type, not the Houdini type) this is either a joke or a sign of incipient madness. Given Moore’s already clear disconnect from reality, my money is on the latter.

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