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Never Mind The Bollards, Here’s Some Sex-Obsessed Pillocks!

Never Mind The Bollards, Here’s Some Sex-Obsessed Pillocks! published on

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people? Who the fuck over the age of 12 would look at these things and see a bunch of dicks?

Who? Well, apparently quite a few people in the town of Scott, Pittsburgh, that’s who. It seems that some of Scott’s citizens are in possession of the kind of immature mind that can’t look at a cylinder with a rounded end without thinking of a penis!

Some of the more dim-witted locals have taken to calling the street on which the bollards are installed “Penis Street”! Could have been worse, I suppose, they could have nicknamed it Dong Drive or WeeWee Avenue! These are, no doubt, the kind of people who  snicker when they see an unusually large cucumber or burst into straight out laughter when they hear the term “penal system”!

Unfortunately, though, even idiots get to vote so the local authorities are having to address the issue. Some of the people in charge are acting pretty stupid themselves by suggesting the tops (I’m surprised they didn’t say “heads”) of the bollards should be flattened ( if nothing else, this would make them match the heads of many of the town’s citizens) or by saying the things should be replaced with “something more antique.” Perhaps some nice, life size statues of women wearing full-body bathing suits? Other local politicians are more sensible, with one suggesting people should get their minds out of the gutter, and another, one Pat Caruso, putting the complaints down to people with “weird minds.”

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