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The Arab world – a boon to feminists everywhere

The Arab world – a boon to feminists everywhere published on

I mean that. If it weren’t for those guys feminists would be totally unable to find any real cases of actual misogyny, at least as defined by reasonable people as opposed to screeching, flame-haired banshees from the Land Down Under (where beer does flow and men chunder)

Following in the misandrist and exhibitionist steps of Femen, some female idiot in Tunisia (where beer doesn’t flow and the adulterous are stoned to death) has gotten herself into trouble by writing some feministy, anti-religion type slogans on her torso and then posing naked. Shocked that, unlike her European sisters, she does not have the protections accorded to women living in the gynocentric West, the young meathead now finds some hysterical Muslim cleric calling for her to be flogged and then stoned to death. The “holy” man is apparently convinced that this girl’s lame act of rebellion will lead to floods, disaster, plagues of locusts, and a drastic increase in the number of reality shows on Tunisian TV.

Showing the razor keen intellect their kind is known for, Femen responded to the death threats by calling for more Tunisian women to post photos of themselves topless! I know it sounds stupid at first, but it is probably a cunning feminist plot to make Tunisia run out of the rocks which, I am told, are the country’s primary export. Bankrupt the patriarchy, that kind of thing.

So far the girl, whose name is supposedly Amina Tyler, hasn’t been harmed, but religion is nothing if not patient so there’s a petition calling for the Tunisian government to step in and protect the feminist boofhead from the Muslim boofhead. My manager has signed it, and I would too but I’m not halal.

Petition here