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American Cops Tasering School Children

American Cops Tasering School Children published on 2 Comments on American Cops Tasering School Children

So it’s come to this – school children being tasered for minor infringements. Anyone doubting just how barbaric the US is becoming should check out these surreal situations…

17 year old Jonathan Villareal likes to do that thing where his pants are almost falling off. This fashion choice turned out to be not too popular with the cops at his High School, who decided that his refusal to hitch up his trousers justified dragging him to the ground, breaking his arm and firing a taser at his chest.

Another 17 year old, a little miscreant by the name of Zahrod Jackson, wanted as part of his free lunch – known in the US Department of Education as “The Wall Street Special Except Cheaper” – not only a slice of pizza but also a beef patty. A verbal dispute ensued, resulting in the intervention of two brave members of the Connecticut filth, one of whom threw the greedy little bugger to the ground, the second of which proceeded to taser the kid five times!

What the hell cops are doing inside schools is anyone’s guess. The popular excuse is the fear of  a Columbine repeat, but it’s safe to say that a taser is going to be of little use against a couple of psycho kids with automatic weapons. Tasers are however, pretty good at creating a climate of fear in which kids are scared to step out of line in even the smallest of ways, lest they get a dose of the old battery juice to the chest.

Contrary to popular myth, being shocked with one of these pocket sized cattle prods isn’t all fun and games. Despite the device’s makers touting them as largely harmless, about four Americans die every month thanks to this “non-lethal” device, and most of them weren’t even armed…


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