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Petition to Take Back Obama’s Worthless Nobel

Petition to Take Back Obama’s Worthless Nobel published on

Like everyone else with a brain rather than sawdust in their head, my reaction to Obama being given the Nobel Peace Prize at a time when he was not ending war but actually escalating it was “What the Fuck!?!?!”

After all, the prize is meant to be awarded to people who have…

“done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

Which sounds nothing like what Obama has done in the last four years, nor anything that he did in the lead-up to being given this shiny but apparently worthless trinket. Now, someone has finally set up a petition asking the Nobel folks to take back the prize. I would be surprised if the Nobel committee did as petitioned, but at least it’s another opportunity to let them know how stupid and corrupt they are. Hell, if – more like when – Obama decides to slaughter thousands of Iranians in order to steal their property, the Nobel bastards will probably give him another Peace Prize – and throw in the one for physics as a reward for having figured out how to use the light switch.

Petition here

Because this guy…

…does not belong on the same page of history as this guy…

The Changing Face of American Heroism

The Changing Face of American Heroism published on

At one time, the American war hero was best epitomized by clean cut, fresh faced Audie Murphy. Now, if recent media reaction is anything to go by, the American war hero is best exemplified by Chris Kyle, someone not too far removed from the kind of man that Murphy spent two years of WWII fighting.

Best remembered today for his acting career, Murphy was one of the most decorated soldiers of World War Two. Barely into his adulthood, Murphy went overseas and risked his life to help stop a madman taking over the world. The people he killed were soldiers serving the imperialist power of the time – Nazi Germany. In one famous incident, Murphy stood on a burning tank destroyer and used its machine gun to mow down German soldiers swarming at him from three sides. During a firefight lasting over an hour, Murphy killed so many members of the German infantry that the German tanks were forced to back off for lack of infantry support. Then he went back to his men and organized a counter attack that forced the invaders to go into a full retreat. But that was long ago and far away.

Today’s epitome of the American war hero is Chris Kyle, a shark-eyed predator who preferred fighting on behalf of an imperialist power to fighting against it. A cold blooded killer, Kyle took great pride in slaughtering Iraqis who were trying to defend their homeland from the modern equivalent of Nazi Germany – the American Empire. Unlike Murphy, Kyle wasn’t killing the villains of the piece, and he wasn’t even killing people who were trying to do the same to him. No, like the serial killers whose body counts pale beside his, Kyle hid in the shadows and struck without warning. Instead of standing in harm’s way and firing back at someone trying to kill him, Kyle hid 100s of meters away and killed civillians without giving them even the smallest chance of fighting back. And while Murphy was modest about his undeniably heroic actions and respectful towards those he killed, Kyle used his fame to not only brag of his exploits but to describe his victims as “savages,” “non-humans,” and “twisted souls.”

Is there a more striking illustration of how far from grace America has fallen than the difference between these two men? One, a brave and selfless hero who served a righteous cause. The other, a mass murderer who avoided a lethal injection by putting his violence to work in a way that is rewarded instead of punished – in the service of empire building. Looking at these two men, these two polar opposites, the old model and the new model, it is impossible to escape the conclusion that America has truly – and perhaps irreversibly – lost its way, its moral compass, and, indeed, even its very sense of decency.

Ron Paul – America’s Only Known Honest Politician

Ron Paul – America’s Only Known Honest Politician published on

Well, honest regarding this matter. I’m sure he’s thrown up plenty of bulldust in his day.

In the wake of the fortuitous death of mass murderer Chris Kyle, everyone in the Amerikan Empire has been quick to describe the much-lauded hitman as some sort of hero. The only public figure so far to have the balls to say what many are no doubt thinking has been Ron Paul, who, of course, is being vilified for doing so. Fact is, Paul is right – he who lives by the sword dies by the sword. Or to be less diplomatic about it, Karma is a bitch and if you kill enough people it will take you down hard, fast and with a huge dollop of poetic justice.

More here


Mass Murderer Chris Kyle Shot to Death

Mass Murderer Chris Kyle Shot to Death published on

Chris Kyle, a highly successful paid assassin for the Amerikan Empire, has been shot dead by, appropriately enough, one of his fellow mercenaries.

Apparently Kyle was using what little humanity he possessed to help another soldier with his PTSD when the other bloke shot him dead. In typically disgusting Amerikan fashion, the primary reaction to Kyle’s death is that Amerika has lost a hero. The appropriate reaction is, of course, that the world has been rid of a psychopath who shot dead between 160-250 men and women trying to fight back against the invasion of their country.

This bastard hid 100s of feet away, then blew holes in people who were defending their homeland. He didn’t even have the guts to shoot them face to face! And he had no regrets about having a body count to rival that of famed mob assassin Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski. Even in his late thirties he showed no sign that he might have realized, now that the fury of youth was over, that maybe killing Iraqis fighting their country’s invaders was akin to shooting the French Resistance for standing up to the German forces.

No, Chris Kyle was proud of his murderous record and chose instead to distract us by focusing not on the Arab lives he took but the Amerikan lives he saved – but then, isn’t that what most snipers for any invading force say? For the Fatherland and the boys on the ground, said the Germans across Europe. For Mother Russia and her brave soldiers, said the Russians in Afghanistan. Butchers always have their excuses and Kyle was no different. His true attitude towards the people he slaughtered was reflected in the way he described one woman whom he killed as having “a twisted soul.” He’s the invader, he’s the aggressor, yet the one with a defective humanity is the victim trying to liberate her country.

For anyone too dense to understand the situation, here’s a civilian example. Kyle and his buddies burst into your house. While his buds steal everything you own and kill your family, Kyle stands watch with a gun in his hand – you make one wrong move and he shoots you dead. This is a hero? No. This is a thug, a psychopath, a murderer, or, as Fox News has put it, this is an Amerikan hero.

Fuck Kyle, fuck all his kind, and good riddance to bad rubbish.


I would like to apologize for comparing Chris Kyle to Richard Kuklinski. Kuklinski killed mostly criminals whereas Kyle killed mostly civilians, a crucial difference which should have led me to spare Mr. Kuklinski such an odious comparison.

Ted Nugent – Motor City Draft Dodger

Ted Nugent – Motor City Draft Dodger published on

We have all been treated to the pseudo-macho antics of right wing nutter Ted Nugent, he who thinks killing small, furry animals is manly and who would – in what I can only describe as a sign of latent homosexuality – like to have Obama sucking on his great, big, er, “machine gun.” Well, it turns out that old Ted isn’t just a nut, he’s a draft dodger.

Twisted Sister front man Dee Snider recently pointed out how ironic it is that Nugent is such a darling of the right given that he once confessed to High Times that he was so desperate to avoid the draft that 30 days before his physical was due he stopped bathing and brushing his teeth, a habit which he has been struggling to kick ever since. Nugent even went so far as to shit on himself!

Of course, Nugent now claims that he was lying to High Times, but the records show that even though he initially used his studies to avoid the draft, he later dodged the Death Lottery by being classified 4f – i.e. not acceptable due to physical, mental or moral reasons. In other words, the kind of thing one could expect if he turned up with a mouth full of plaque and a pair of jeans full of shit.

The disgusting thing about Nugent is not that he avoided the draft – doing so shows that he wasn’t always a brain-damaged freak – but that he pushes standards that he himself does not live up to. In other words, one standard of behavior for the hoi polloi, another standard for multi-millionaires in the making. Like comic book artist and fellow right wing fruitcake Frank Miller, Nugent is keen to see blood shed for his country – as long as it isn’t his own. Still, there is one upside to this story. At long last we know why Ted likes to kill cute, furry, little critters – unlike the Viet Cong, they don’t shoot back.

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