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Afghan Lives – Worth Squat

Afghan Lives – Worth Squat published on

Sergeant Calvin Gibbs had fun in the magical kingdom of  Afghanistan, killing and mutilating the local civilians then planting weapons to make them look like the aggressors. So the US military – champions of justice that they are – has decided to punish their rogue colleague by giving him life – with a nine year non parole period! That’ll teach him not to kill innocents, won’t it? Still, it’s nine years more than Dick Cheney will ever get, and that fucker is responsible for a lot more than nine deaths…

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War and Male Rape

War and Male Rape published on

Everyone knows that rape is often a weapon of war, what isn’t so well known is that many of the victims are male.

According to a Guardian article focusing mostly on African wars, a large proportion of the victims of wartime rape are male. And given how taboo the subject is, it can be assumed that the number is far greater since male victims are less likely to come forward for fear of being ostracized by a community that no longer sees them as men.

Not only are these men denied help by their communities, but most major NGOs go out of their way to not help male victims. And by that I don’t mean that they unintentionally neglect them, I mean that the bastards actually try to cover up the problem. When the Refugee Law Centre produced a film about male victims called Gender Against Men people in international aid agencies tried to stop them from screening it; at least one U.N report on the matter used a definition of rape that excluded males; and Dutch Oxfam even went so far as to tell one organization that if any less than 70% of their clients were females funding would be terminated. Such immoral behavior from organizations tasked with helping people is  sickening but not surprising, especially from the U.N. You remember the U.N. They’re those wonderful people who, in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake, chose to give food aid to women, and only women, through the World Food Program.

One of the most common excuses for wanting to keep this problem in the dark is that there are only so many resources to go round and that if part of the metaphorical cake is used to help men there will be less resources to help the women. These dirtbags are of course lying, as they don’t yell “The cake is too small,” when it is announced that there is a new set of women needing help. For you see, this is a magical cake that gets bigger when the new victims are women, yet stays strangely static when the new victims needing help are men…

I suspect that rape is probably harder on men than on women, as men aren’t told by society that they may be victims and so are less prepared psychologically than women when it does happen, and because no one has ever been accused of being less womanly because they were raped. And that’s without going into detail about the physical injuries described in the article – you have been warned.

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Women Hate War!

Women Hate War! published on

Actually what they hate is fighting in war as the Order of the White Feather showed. This was a charming initiative used by certain women during WWI to shame men into going and getting their heads blown off – I guess it’s only fair when you consider the huge number of women who fought and died in that war!

Numerous members of the peace-loving sex took it upon themselves to socially stigmatize men they barely knew them by handing them a white feather, a traditional sign of cowardice. And it worked, a lot of men and boys were shamed into volunteering including sixteen year old James Lovegrove, pictured here.  What kind of psycho woman would pressure a baby-faced kid like that to go into the hell of war?

According to Lovegrove…

“On my way to work one morning a group of women surrounded me. They started shouting and yelling at me, calling me all sorts of names for not being a soldier! Do you know what they did? They struck a white feather in my coat, meaning I was a coward. Oh, I did feel dreadful, so ashamed.

I went to the recruiting office. The sergeant there couldn’t stop laughing at me, saying things like “Looking for your father, sonny?”, and “Come back next year when the war’s over!” Well, I must have looked so crestfallen that he said “Let’s check your measurements again”. You see, I was five foot six inches and only about eight and a half stone. This time he made me out to be about six feet tall and twelve stone, at least, that is what he wrote down. All lies of course – but I was in!”

How many men and boys met their deaths because of these hypocritical, war mongering cows  who never did anything for their country except wash the nappies and boil the occasional black pudding? Thousands, that’s how many. And what proportion of these women were risking their lives for the war effort? How many of them were volunteering to help doctors and nurses  just a few miles behind the front line? Very fucking few would be a good guess, even  famous supporter of the campaign May Humphry Ward only agreed to visit the Western Front in the capacity of a journalist after the Government agreed to compensate her for “losses from the war and the pressure of war taxation”

So the next time some mouth-breathing male-hating troglodyte tells you that women are peace loving creatures that don’t like war, tell them to take a white feather and stick it up their ass, and if a woman ever  tries to pressure you into doing something dangerous by calling you cowardly or unmanly, hand the hypocritical cow a gun and tell her to do her own damn fighting!

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