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London Crackdown Continues

London Crackdown Continues published on

In the wake of the recent lame-brained, half-assed, can’t-tell-shit-from-chocolate uprising in London, the politicians are being their usual predictable and authoritarian selves. One man has been charged with trying to start a water fight, another two are looking at terms of four years for trying to start a disturbance, and one man is looking at a jail sentence for looting two – count ‘em – two scoops of ice cream! I suppose the latter should simply have tried to steal the ice cream. Oh no, wait…

Bail is being denied at a far higher rate for these offences than for violent crimes, people are losing their government housing and welfare payments, and social media is being attacked for doing in Blighty what they were cheered for doing in Egypt. Why such a harsh response? Because it sends the message that rebellion, no matter how minor, will not be tolerated by the psychopaths who own your ass, that’s why.

British Crackdown On Water Fights?

British Crackdown On Water Fights? published on

As soon as maggots like David Cameron made it clear that the London riots would be used to take England closer and closer to something that will make certain comic books look like a history of the future rather than fiction, you knew shit like this was going to happen.

A young man ( they’re always the most troublesome, hence have to be stomped extra hard) in Essex has been arrested for planning a water fight on Facebook and the BlackBerry Messenger service!

We all know what English weather is like, and maybe the authorities are just a bunch of nice, avuncular types who are dreadfully afraid that someone will catch a nasty cold. Or maybe, just maybe, this is a way of sending a loud and clear message that no matter how trivial the act of disobedience you will be hunted down and locked up. And if you can’t get away with a water fight, you had better not even think of  staging a political riot or we will send some blokes round and you will never be seen again. Not there yet? Maybe not, but authoritarianism by stealth is the preferred method in the developed world.

The English PM actually admits that he wants to investigate whether or not” it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites and services when we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality”.

Or for that matter, a revolution against a dirtbag government that treats everyone except the rich like shit.

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Bachmann Flees Fairy

Bachmann Flees Fairy published on 1 Comment on Bachmann Flees Fairy

Michele Bachmann – the fundamentalist, homophobic, sausage-sucking meathead who wants to park her keister in the Oval Office – doesn’t seem to have much mettle, something which makes one wonder if she won’t hit the dreaded red button at the first sign of indigestion.

Feeling unprotected after leaving her tinfoil hat at home, Little Ms Bonkers freaked out when a young gay man heckled her for being a bigoted cow…

“I’m a second class citizen because of you, Michele! Second class citizen! What about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every American, Michele?”

At which point the courageous gal and her retinue made a beeline for the exit doors, shoving aside spectators and making what I can only presume was a rather slow getaway in a golf cart! Their destination remains unknown, but if the light is anything to go by it’s probably lunch time at Arkham Asylum…

Still, her reaction could have been worse. She could have run away on foot, arms waving wildly in the air,  screaming “Save me, oh Great Easter Bunny in the Sky! I’m being heckled by a homo from hell!”

God Wants Michelle Bachmann In The White House!

God Wants Michelle Bachmann In The White House! published on

At least that’s the conclusion we can draw from CNN reports that the far right Republican who wants to do away with the minimum wage and Social Security (or at least what passes for it in the U.S ) has formed an exploratory committee to find out if there are enough idiots in America to put her finger on the button.

Even though the rancid little dwarf hasn’t actually credited God with her decision, she has previously told the loons at World Net Daily that when it comes to putting her oval office in the oval office…

“If I felt that’s what the Lord was calling me to do, I would do it. When I have sensed that the Lord is calling me to do something, I’ve said yes to it. But I will not seek a higher office if God is not calling me to do it. That’s really my standard.”

And no, the crazy lady isn’t speaking figuratively, having earlier explained her run for congress….

“And then in the midst of that calling, God then called me to run for the United States Congress. And I thought, ‘what in the world would that be for?’”

What for indeed…

Having spoken to the big guy in person I can tell you that he may be a bit of a bastard but he’s no idiot. So why would he want the world being ruled by an evil woman whose head leaves a trail of sawdust wherever she goes?

My guess is that if the Angry Old Man in the Sky has indeed told Bachmann to go for the big brass ring, it’s just another sign of how absurd his sense of humor is. After all, this is the guy who created the platypus, Dan Quayle, and of course, Michelle Bachmann.

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Psycho Bitch Drops Child Labor Changes

Psycho Bitch Drops Child Labor Changes published on

Sometimes even I am surprised at how evil women with power can be. Recently Tea Party Republican Senator Jane Cunningham threw out there a bill that would have changed Missouri’s child labor laws – for the worse, of course.

After much mockery the hydrocephalic GynoBeast’s staff is telling the media that the bill has been dropped,but of course one can not judge a person’s morality by what they do when there is a gun to their head, only by what they do when they think they can get away with it.

Here is what this dirtbag tried to get away with, straight from the state’s own site

“SB 222 – This act modifies the child labor laws. It eliminates the prohibition on employment of children under age fourteen. Restrictions on the number of hours and restrictions on when a child may work during the day are also removed. It also repeals the requirement that a child ages fourteen or fifteen obtain a work certificate or work permit in order to be employed. Children under sixteen will also be allowed to work in any capacity in a motel, resort or hotel where sleeping accommodations are furnished. It also removes the authority of the director of the Division of Labor Standards to inspect employers who employ children and to require them to keep certain records for children they employ. It also repeals the presumption that the presence of a child in a workplace is evidence of employment.”

In other words this vile creature would have allowed employers and parents with no conscience to put ten year old kids to work, for as many hours as it took the little bugger to faint from exhaustion, and to do so during the day when the kiddy should instead be at school learning how to misspell the words “reading” and “writing!”

After all the criticism, Cunningham pointed out that  even if the Bill had survived children would still have been kept away from jobs involving dangerous animals and heavy machinery.

That’s big of her…