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Minds is still shit

Minds is still shit published on

Just took a second look at Minds, about a year after deleting my account. It’s even worse now. Most of the big names i checked — Sargon, for example — have been gone for about as long as i, and several of the posts i checked are filled with spam offering things like dried fish! Even Minds’ own account hasn’t posted anything for TEN days. The place is basically dead. I guess this is what happens when you create a two-tiered system where those who pay get treated better. And limiting folks to a few thousand followers doesn’t exactly encourage those trying to make some real money. As for myself, i quit after a couple of months of my boosts being first accepted then rejected. The fact that the “support” guys then told me such a thing was impossible did not help. So, yeah, Minds is fucked, y’all!