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Alternet’s anti-White bias on display

Alternet’s anti-White bias on display published on

The black Brooklyn shooter was on Alternet’s front page for a couple of days at the most. Some White guy who merely plotted a terror attack in Germany has been on their front page for at least four days now. Unless Alternet truly believe that a FAILED plot in Germany is more pertinent to their mostly American readership than a SUCCESSFUL terrorist attack in Brooklyn, this is a clear example of the way the SJW media likes to cover up black terrorism while shouting about White terrorism from the rooftops. And there have been a few new stories published there in the last few days so one has to wonder why THEY haven’t been moved into the main spot. This, folks, is how the Establishment — which includes the SJW media — rig things to make it look like White people are a problem that needs to be dealt with.