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Daisy Duchess Limited By Twitter…

Daisy Duchess Limited By Twitter… published on

…for telling the DNC to go fuck itself with a large cactus after they called for Facebook to permanently ban Trump. And what was the excuse? Encouraging suicide or self harm! There is no way anyone could take that suggestion seriously but some fascist at Twitter decided to do so. This message popped up almost immediately after the tweet was posted so it may have been AI, but why would AI see anything nefarious in this? My guess is that it has simply been programmed to do so on any account not pushing the SJW lies that Twitter thrives on.

A couple of weeks ago, on the 23rd of April according to the file properties, she got the same crap for defending some SJW nuts against some conservative nut who wanted them tased for busting some windows! Apparently, it doesn’t matter whose side you are taking once you have been identified as the enemy. And no, i don’t think the presence of the word fascist in both tweets is relevant. If it were, every fucking SJW on the platform would be permanently banned!

And all these little suspensions aren’t just a means of harassment, they are a way of moving you a step closer to a permanent ban. As the email Daisy received says, “Please note that repeated violations may lead to a permanent suspension of your account.” And that, boys and girls, is what this is all about — getting Daisy permanently banned.