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MeWe Mini Review

MeWe Mini Review published on

Since the Big Tech hegemony is starting to give everyone the royal shits, some of you may be interested in this little review i did of MeWe, a fairly nice alternative to the evil of Facebook.

“Turns out that MeWe is shrinking some of my cartoon uploads to the point where they are too small too read so they get rejected. On top of that, even though the cloud limit is 500 megs, every time i try to upload 200 – 400 megs the upload fails. So much for the premium version — looks like i’ll be cancelling it just a week into the trial! Very disappointing, especially since i think paid models are the future of social media, which is the MAIN reason i decided to try the premium version. Oh, and the other thing — there seems to be no way to contact support. Lame, very lame. It’s a nice enough place, but you wouldn’t want to pay for it!”

I do still recommend it, if only because it is a much more pleasant environment than the other alternatives — especially Clubhouse, where Whitey ain’t welcome — but i can’t recommend the paid version unless you have a fetish for emojis.