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After the Murder of Ashli Babbitt, The Milk of Liberal Kindness Flows Forth

After the Murder of Ashli Babbitt, The Milk of Liberal Kindness Flows Forth published on

Actually, it’s more like diarrhea from the devil’s asshole, but that’s what post-modernist liberals are like.

For those who don’t know, Ashli Babbitt was the Trump supporter murdered by a Storm Trooper Of The Plutocracy while climbing through a window during the thoroughly justified storming of the congress. It’s a case of murder much clearer than the death of George Floyd or even Oscar Grant but she was white and a Trump supporter so liberals don’t care. There’s a video out there that leaves no doubt it was murder. A piece of shit comes out from a side door, and shoots an unarmed woman in the neck. Scum. At least Floyd was struggling and Grant’s murderer MAY have mistaken his gun for his taser, though nobody with any brains believes that. This, though, was simply an execution of a non-violent rebel by one of the monarchy’s thugs.

But what really disgusted me was the liberal reaction to Babbitt’s murder. All across Twitter liberals showed what they are made of, and it’s shit. That was bad enough, but they also expressed the same vile opinions on HER OWN TWITTER PAGE, a page which they know is being read by her family and friends! This is how scummy these people are, they are basically pissing on the corpse while her family and friends are watching! And what excuse have they? None! They are just psychopaths taking the opportunity to do some damage. Tomorrow many of them will delete their tweets, but they can’t delete screenshots. You know, like these ones…


And that was just a small sampling. If i went for any more i would be here all night. Now, i’m not a fool. I know things may or may not emerge in the coming days. Perhaps it will turn out she had a gun that fell on the other side of that door and remained unseen by the cameras on this side of the door. Could be she did pose an actual threat, but i doubt it. For now, all the evidence tells us she was not a danger and it is under THIS set of evidence that these sub-humans are celebrating her death. Because she was a right winger. Because she was a Trump supporter. Because she was White. Because she dared to oppose an Establishment that daily shits on all Americans. Remember her name — it was Ashli Babbitt and she was murdered by the plutocracy’s thugs, who were then cheered by SJW scum and post-modernist liberal turds.