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Greenwood, Tulsa 1921

Greenwood, Tulsa 1921 published on

Here’s some heavy shit i had never heard about until a few days ago. Seems back in the day there was actually a black American community called Greenwood that was doing quite well. Middle class well.

But then some white woman made a sexual assault accusation, and the shit hit the fan. A black guy was arrested, armed black men went down to protect him from a possible lynching, whites turned up, and soon the bullets they was a-flyin’ and folks they was a-dyin’. Next morning things got worse – the whites turned up and shot hundreds of blacks dead and burnt the place to the ground.

At first the city’s government promised to do this, do that, yada yada, but instead they just swept it from history. They buried victims in unmarked graves, they got rid of police records, they literally cut articles out of newspapers before micro-filming them! So for literally decades the world forgot that there had once been a nice, safe, financially comfortable place full of – good God! – black people! Which is a shame because such a place could have served as a great inspiration to blacks in America and beyond. Instead of rotting in ghettoes, blacks could have looked back at Greenwood and thought, “You know, if THEY could do it back then, why can’t WE do it now?” and i’m sure at least some of them would have been motivated to do so. But you can’t be inspired by that which you do not know once existed, so they stayed stuck in shitholes like South Central. Ironically, the greatest loss was not Greenwood itself, but what might have been had Greenwood survived. All the happy, healthy communities that could have sprung up in its wake never saw the light of day. It’s sad as fuck, but it’s also something that can be partly undone. If Greenwood gets enough attention now that it has been brought back into the light, it may provide American blacks with some of that much-needed inspiration. And guess who’s about to turn up in Tulsa? Yes, Captain Cheeto himself. Wouldn’t it be nice if he brought up the massacre of ’21 and said something uniting and positive about Greenwood? Yes, yes, it would. It won’t stop the lunatics of BLM from burning and looting, of course, but it would show the sane black folks that it IS possible to build a better black America – if Greenwood did it back then, YOU can certainly do it now.

Video here. Bloody thing won’t embed, you see.