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Mother Jones is now banning folks who mock Antifa.

Mother Jones is now banning folks who mock Antifa. published on

Like most decent folks, i was disgusted by the Antifa attack on Andy Ngo. I’m sure there are many things i disagree with him on, but that doesn’t mean some thugs get to beat him up just for being right wing. And don’t get me started on Antifa itself. If these guys really ARE left wing, they are the most stupid bunch of leftists to ever come out of Satan’s asshole. All they are doing is giving the rest of us a bad name while distracting everyone from class issues.

But anyway, i went to a Mother Jones post that used the apparently fake cement milkshake story to distract us from the not-at-all-fake attack on a small Asian homosexual, and proceeded to make fun of their beloved thugs in black. First, they removed the comments below…

And then when i tried to post another comment, i got this…

So there you have it, boys and girls, Mother Jones is on the side of the vile, violent, cowardly scum of Antifa. No other way to explain it, far as i can see.