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All Should Feel Ashamed About The Actions Of A Few

All Should Feel Ashamed About The Actions Of A Few published on

Yes, all Muslims should feel ashamed of what happened in Paris and San Bernadino. Right? No, of course not. Not even those few of us who see the Islamic invasion for what it is would say that. But some cunt at the Washington Post has no problem saying it of men and the relatively minor trouble that one woman has gone through.

The woman is Carly Simon ( yeah, I’m not too sure who she is either, apart from that song about Warren Beatty being “so vain”) and the sins are of such magnitude that all members of the Inferior Sex should be feeling like shit. In the elegantly titled article, “These six tragic revelations from Carly Simon’s memoir will make you ashamed to be a man (if you are a man)” some male jackass proceeds to guilt most of the world’s adult population over the actions of a few. That’s what happens when you aren’t part of a politically protected species – collective responsibility is not only permitted but downright fashionable.

And what are these dreadful sins committed against this delicate flower by the evil menz? Well, one of them is pretty serious – she was supposedly molested as a child by some teenage male. But the others are so minor that only the most rabid of feminists would expect guilt even from those responsible, much less from those who had nothing to do with what happened. It just goes to show that all men are responsible for the sins of some men, and the sins don’t even need to be sins – they can just be peccadilloes.

Apparently, Carly’s dad was distant or some such crap. How dreadful. He was also a wealthy depressive who had wanted a son, not another daughter, and who channeled his darkness into that most heinous of patriarchal activities – playing Rachmaninoff. What a bastard!

Also, James Taylor cheated on her and once had to be tested for the clap, something that is easily curable and which he may not even have transmitted to Little Ms “O’ Woe Is Me.” Oh, yeah, she slept with lots of guys, and a couple made unwelcome advances. Not sexual assault, not rape, just mild sexual misdemeanors at best.

The other two ridiculous items on this ridiculous list are fine examples of just how keen feminists and their allies are to find something with which to attack men. The first one is Simon’s stuttering, something that had nothing to do with men but which somehow still makes the list. The second is actually a positive recollection about her brief fling with Cat Stevens – a man who, I expect, must be feeling just dreadful about Paris and San Bernadino. This oppressive male bastard was once late for dinner, and while waiting for him Simon wrote a song about er…waiting! Oh, the misery this poor woman has seen! Born into a rich family, then going on to become rich in her own right, famous and acclaimed as a great singer songwriter! Never in the annals of popular music has there been such a tale of woe! She’s like Billie Holiday – except white, and rich, and privileged! It’s almost Shakespearian, it is!

You may think that the trivial nature of these things that we are expected to feel ashamed over mitigates the writer’s bastardry, but it is actually the opposite which is true – the very smallness of the sins magnifies how much of a problem misandry has become. Much like blacks in the old days, not only are we, the new niggers, supposed to feel bad about some other blacks killing and raping, we are also supposed to feel bad about them littering and graffito tagging bus shelters – not to mention being late for dinner! No matter how small the sin, if someone else with a wang is responsible, so are you and i.

Politically correct hatred strikes again