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Period Dolls Now?

Period Dolls Now? published on
Yes, that kid really is putting a maxi pad on her doll's panties...
Yes, that kid really is putting a maxi pad on her doll’s panties…

Lammily, the doll for people who want their daughters to grow up to be politically correct idiots, now has a “period party” pack. Lammily, for those fortunate enough to not know, was designed to be a fashion doll with real-life looks but somehow manages to look better than 90% of real-life girls, and was meant to represent the average girl, yet is not called Kate, or Susan, or even Madison!

All squeamish parents can now rest easy. Thanks to a remarkable combination of SJW bullshit and Amerikan capitalism, such folks now can explain all that menstrual unpleasantness by just giving their kid a doll who comes complete with her own maxi pads and a big colorful chart explaining the ins and outs of menstruation. Just what every ten year old girl wants, right? Still, it could have been worse. Lammily could have been anatomically correct, in which case the period pack would have come with tiny, tiny, little tampons that the kid would then be expected to shove right up Lammily’s you-know-what.

In a further attempt to have their doll reflect the real world, the company has announced that a future edition of Lammily will abuse her children, cheat on her husband, then divorce him and make off with the kids, the house, and half his money.

As for the video, I stopped as soon as dad mentioned “dope beats.” I do not need to see a couple of middle aged white idiots trying to rap. Hell, I don’t even like it when it’s a young black idiot! As for dad telling his daughter that she will always be his little TT, well, that’s just bloody inappropriate!

Get your panties wet right here.