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Idiot Males Drool Over Atrocious Woman

Idiot Males Drool Over Atrocious Woman published on

Some chick called Alli Reed, apparently a comedian of some sorts, took to OkCupid and set up the kind of profile that she expected would have all the men puking. Instead, she got hundreds of responses from weak-brained men who were quite willing to overlook her inner hideousness and focus instead on her good looks. While I don’t find this piece amusing ( I rarely find anything on Cracked amusing ) it does tell us a lot about how high up on the list of priorities sex with a gorgeous woman is for some men.

Is this willingness to risk life and limb to get some hot soup a natural thing? No, of course not. Like beauty itself, it is mostly the doing of societal standards imposed for God knows what reason. It doesn’t really matter what  the motivation behind these bizarre standards is, what does matter is that it gets some men in a shitload of trouble, trouble they could easily have avoided if society did not teach them that life is all about scoring with the hot bird – even if she’s the kind who will fake a pregnancy!

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