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Amanda Marcotte Screams Misogyny at People Who Diss Cats

Amanda Marcotte Screams Misogyny at People Who Diss Cats published on

Hot on the heels of her complaints about the size of women’s wrists in Disney movies, comes yet another howler from Mad Mandy.

Yes, folks, Marcotte the Mad has struck again. This time she is claiming that the reason some people hate on cats is because – wait for it – cats are seen as feminine, are popular with single women and we live in a society in which everyone hates women!

In a recent slab of weirdness  entitled “Why Do People Bag On Cats So Much?” the internet’s dumbest feminist claims…

“Well, I think I have a theory, and yes, it’s sexism. Deeply sublimated sexism, but sexism all the same. While all sorts of people have pets of both types, cats are associated with not just women, but single, childless women. A lot of what people are doing when they insist that you cat doesn’t really love you and you must be fooling yourself is a kind of mansplaining: Silly cat ladies, who think that their cats love them! It fits into this larger narrative about how women are dumb and needy and cling to cats, unlike sure-footed, bright men who pick a pet they know loves them: dogs.”

While an interesting “theory” in the post modern sense of the word (which is to say that it is little more than a wild guess) not only does Marcotte The Mad fail to present actual evidence, she also fails to explain why this supposedly widespread dislike of the feline species isn’t hating on people who think their cats love them, rather than just on the women. But then, this is feminist theory and hence does not need any evidence, just a persecution complex and a manufactured sense of outrage. Normal people would say that the reason many people don’t like cats is that cats don’t dote on their owners the way that wonderful creature called the dog does. If you burst into fire, your dog will race to the nearest fire extinguisher and promptly douse the flames, or at the very least he will jump up onto the mantelpiece so he can pee on you. Not the cat, though, the cat will – if he bothers to wake up at all – simply go “Meh,” and then fall back asleep. Personally I think these people are missing the point of having a pet as the idea is for you to look after it, not for it to look after you, but I can see where they are coming from. Not Mad Mandy, oh, no…

Little Ms Paranoia then draws an even more tenuous connection between cat-haters and “pick up artists,” claiming that…

“Cats are imbued with one of the worst stereotypes of women, popular with “pick-up artists”: That women are shallow creatures who don’t love so much as seek out the richest man they can find, and they exchange sex for security. Except cats are characterized as shallow creatures who merely feign affection for security, but basically, same theory.”

Again, no evidence, just a ludicrous assertion that PUAs can’t tell the difference between pussy and pussy. But wait, with Mad Mandy we don’t need evidence, we have something much more important, much more substantial, and in Mandy’s world view probably much more feminine…

“… I’d like to see a study that measures if there’s a correlation between holding negative views of cats and believing women are gold-diggers. Because I have a hunch that might just be so.”

To the feminist mind, this thing called a “hunch” is pretty much the same as yelling “Checkmate! Argument over! Take your logic and shove it Mr. Man, no room for reason around here!”

Mentally ill rantings here.

Incidentally, in this article we also learn that Mad Mandy has a boyfriend! I don’t know who the unlucky guy is, but I do have this piece of advice – dump Mandy, and buy a cat.