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How The University of North Dakota Screwed Over One Young Man

How The University of North Dakota Screwed Over One Young Man published on

Four years after being falsely accused of rape by Jessica Denise Murray, Caleb Warner is still suffering.

The biggest mistake of Caleb’s young life came along on the 13th of December 2009, when he attended a frat party at the University of North Dakota. That’s where he met Jessica Denise Murray, the evil little turd who would proceed to fuck up his life for him. Caleb and snake-girl hooked up, as is apparently the custom these days, and before you know it he was being accused of rape! And to think, he didn’t even have to go down on her in front of a mobile phone camera!

And what was little Jessica’s motivation for making such an awful claim? Was she psychotic? Brain damaged from too many episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Possessed by the devil? (Don’t laugh, over 50% of Americans believe demonic possession is real.) No, she’s just a massive asshole. Seems that after a second hook up a few days later, Murray decided Warner should be her boyfriend. When he declined her offer, she treated him in a most unfriendly manner by telling the University that he had raped her! The university then set up “a disciplinary hearing,” no doubt the kind of affair where all the members of the tribunal wear hoods to cover their faces. The standard of evidence was one that added up to taking Jessica’s word for it, Caleb’s lawyer wasn’t even allowed to speak and, not unexpectedly, Caleb was judged to be a rapist and thrown out of the university. Meanwhile, the cops were carrying out a real investigation and they came to the conclusion that the only real criminal involved was Jessica. Being as dumb as she is evil, Jessica Denise Murray had gotten her stories mixed up, and had even sent Caleb a text offering to have it off with him after he supposedly raped her – rape must be quite a tasty dish, considering how many “victims” end up going back for seconds. These incongruences led to the police charging Jessica with making false allegations. Like Tawana Brawley before her, Jessica fled the state before she could be arrested so she has yet to pay for her crime, and unless she’s stupid enough to go back to North Dakota, she never will.

You would think that at this point the men and women in the hoods would humbly apologize and let the boy back into the Uni, but such is not the way of misandry. Despite the cops clearing the boy, the University held onto its finding that he was a scumbag rapist. Almighty Academia had judged the boy guilty, and logic and evidence could take a hike. The Uni even went so far as to claim that the police warrant for the arrest of turd-girl would not be “substantial new evidence” and that the police were making — wait for it — “an unproven allegation”! As opposed to the proven allegation against Warner, I suppose… When the cops are more rational than the people who run the Universities, that’s when you know things are truly and totally fucked up. Seriously, folks, don’t send your kids to Uni unless you want their brains turned into politically correct mush.

After this grotesque reaction, Caleb’s mother and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) teamed up to get the situation righted, and more than a year after the kangaroo court, the University was forced to vacate their decision and totally clear the boy. By then, though, Caleb was so traumatized by the entire experience that North Dakota U. was the last place he wanted to be. And you know how it is with these things, the mud sticks. As we saw with Amanda Marcotte and the Duke Boys ( I sympathize with them, but their show is shit,) and with Sarah Fick and the infamous case at Ohio University, there will always be scum who will continue to brand the accused a rapist even after he is cleared. So Caleb never went back, never got his degree, and even now finds it distressing to even drive past the Uni, the place where he was lynched by a cabal of feminist and pseudo-intellectual dirtbags who probably can’t even spell justice, much less administer it. That’s University life for young men these days, their entire future teeters on a precipice, and all it takes to send them crashing onto the rocks below is one evil little scumbag, a scumbag like Jessica Denise Murray.


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